FAITH NO MORE a comprehensive list of COVERS and AD LIBS

How is music any music improved upon? When it's performed by Faith No More of course! When it comes to covering other musician’s material FNM have an expertise unmatched by other bands. Why....because they don't take themselves too seriously, they chose tracks from a wide variation of genres and they have a talent for adapting a song to make it their own and to fit perfectly alongside those penned by themselves. 
Sometimes the band pick music from the fringe of obscurity and a fan would be forgiven for thinking that it is actually an FNM original track. Sometimes the performance of a song is incredibly faithful to the original and at others the band recreate a song with their own unique twist. The diverse influences of the different members make for a very interesting selection of songs and a unique approach on how to play it. The band haven’t always picked songs on the basis of a mutual liking of the music, as we will find out. 
Faith No More were the original trolls, employing a wicked sense of humour to bait the crowd and, more often than not, the joke was only shared between a select crowd of five. 
This is apparent when it comes to ad libs, and how the band cleverly succeeded in inserting short sections of other songs into their own tracks. 

We joined forces with Andrew at Faith No More Gig Database who's extensive research will hopefully provide a comprehensive list of the songs FNM have covered in various shapes and forms over the years. We have made this an interactive article and you can click on links to the original song and FNM's version where we could find them. 

Please add any covers or ad libs you have witnessed in the comments that we may have missed out!

Studio Recordings

War Pigs
Originally written and recorded by Black Sabbath  (1977)🎧   FNM (1989)🎧

The Sabbath classic War Pigs is is the first cover song FNM recorded in the studio and initially appeared on the 1989 cassette release of The Real Thing as a bonus track, it was later added as an album track on the CD version of the album. The band had played the song as early as 1987 with Chuck Mosley on vocals. Chuck, Jim Martin and Mike Bordin grew up listening to Sabbath and cited them as a major influence. However Patton and Roddy Bottum claimed to have no love for the band which might explain the rather satirical manner in which Patton performed the song on stage. 
Bill Gould explained that FNM had added the song to their live set "to piss off the punk bands we played with". 
The recording is a note or note faithful tribute to the original but with a much more glossy production. 

Is FNM's version of the song better than Black Sabbath's? You can read our argument for this HERE

Midnight Cowboy
Originally written and recorded by John Barry (1969)🎧   FNM (1992)🎧

Legendary composer John Barry wrote this song as the theme for the John Schlesinger movie Midnight Cowboy staring John Voight and Dustin Hoffman. FNM’s majestic version is the closing track of their 1992 album Angel Dust and received much praise from critics. The band stuck closely to the 1969 version but replaced Toots Thielemans' lead harmonica melody with Roddy playing the accordion. 
It was Bill's idea to cover the instrumental, "I just tuned out and started listening to other songs; a local radio station, Magic 61, which played easy-listening songs like Rosemary Clooney and Frank Sinatra. A station here for old people. I discovered so much."
Small Victories : The True Story Of Faith No More

Although it was Bill's idea Roddy was extremely happy with the end result, "It's again a really hyper beautiful piece that's a real challenge to put down."
FNM waited until 1997 to treat us to a live rendition and Midnight Cowboy would often open their set with Patton playing the melodica and replacing the studio accordion. In 2009 / 2010 during the Second Coming tour the song would often feature in the encore or as their opening song. 

Originally written by Lionel Richie and recorded by The Commodores (1977)🎧 
 FNM 1992🎧

This heart-break ballad was a huge hit for The Commodores in the 70's, but also became FNM's most successful selling single when is was released in December 1992. Easy was recorded during the sessions for Angel Dust but was not included on the original album release. Due to the success of the single it was added to re-releases of the album in 1993.  The earliest record of Easy being performed live by FNM is at Rock City on April 25 1990. According to the band have played it live over 400 times and it is their third most established live song after Epic and We Care A Lot
Bill declared that the band decided to add Easy to their live shows to counter balance their version of War Pigs and again "to fuck with people".  
Despite Patton's "Ewwww" before the solo the band have stressed that they adopted the song with complete sincerity as the singer told Kerrang! in 2009, "If we did a Commodores cover and chuckled at the end of it, it would make everyone else feel a lot more comfortable with it, but that's not the point of it at all. It's stuff we like and we deliberately put it in between two noisy songs to make people take a step back."
The video was directed by Barry McGuire, it spliced clips of the band on stage with scenes from a hotel room and Patton feeding transvestites chocolates. 

You can read more quotes about the song HERE

Let’s Lynch The Landlord
Originally written by Jello Biafra and recorded by Dead Kennedys (1980)🎧 
FNM (1992)🎧

Faith No More re-imagined this track by fellow San Franciscans Dead Kennedys when recording it for the Virus 100 compilation album released by Alternative Tentacles. The punk-rock playfulness of the original was replaced with a very cool Elvis-esque rockabilly style featuring Bill on double bass. Their version of Let's Lynch The Landlord would later feature as a B-side on the A Small Victory single and the on Songs To Make Love to EP. 
FNM debuted the song live in 1992 at Marquee Club Hamburg in Germany as part of an remarkable set and they would continue to play the sing up until 1995 when it was dropped. During the reunion tour Let's Lynch The Landlord was played once at Spirit of Burgas
in Bulgaria.  

I started A Joke
Originally written and recorded by The Bee Gees (1968)🎧   FNM (1995)🎧

The song first appeared on the B-side of the limited edition single release of Digging The Grave in 1995 and on a bonus CD available with the Australian version of King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime also 1995.  
Along with covers of Greenfields, I Wanna Fuck Myself and Spanish Eyes it was recorded in Bill Gould's home studio and produced by Bill and Dean Menta. These songs were the only studio recordings to feature Menta on guitar. Another faithful version and Mike Patton's voice is virtually unrecognisable as he imitates Robin Gibb's vibrato lead vocals.

Bill was again the driving force behind this selection and in 1995 explained why, "We were in this bar in Gwaum, god, it was so twisted! You see, Gwaum is like a rock in the middle of the ocean; they have like two million snakes per mile -- they have so many snakes that they have killed all the birds, they have no more birds in all of Gwaum. So, we're sitting in this bar and they have posters of hard-core porn videos all over the wall. It was a regular bar, and they had animal porn on the wall! And we're like, 'What the hell is this?!', and in the corner of the room they had this karaoke machine and they were all singing the words "I started a joke ..." and there was this bouncing ball so they could follow the words. The lyrics were so pathetic and depressing that we just said 'We have to do this song!' It's the most miserable song I ever heard in my life!" 

The first time FNM played the song was during a performance for the UK TV show The Word on March 3rd 1995.

I Started A Joke was released by the record company as a single in October 1998 from the greatest hits album Who Cares A Lot? after FNM had split up. The accompanying video was directed by Vito Rocco and filmed without the band's involvement, it starred future Hobbit Martin Freeman along with performance artist David Hoyle as the karaoke singer. 

I Wanna Fuck Myself  
Originally written and recorded by GG Allin (1985)🎧  FNM (1995)🎧

GG Allin's insane and often degenerate behaviour was in some ways a pre-cursor for the unsanitary acts of Patton. This cover version by FNM is possibly the nearest to Bill's garage punk roots their music ever got, it is a strict imitation of the original song the only noticeable different is that Patton uses extra distortion on his voice. There are only occasions on record that the band played this cover live both in the June of 1995, firstly at Serenadenhof
in Germany and a possible second show at Sport Hall in Prague.

Spanish Eyes
Original music written by Bert Kaempfert (1965). Recorded by Al Martino (1966)🎧  
FNM (1995)🎧

This song began life as an instrumental titled Moon Over Naples by German bandleader Bert Kaempfert, however it was released a year latewith added lyrics as single by Italian American crooner Al Martino. Spanish Eyes was covered by many artists over the years including Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley and Engelbert Humperdinck. The FNM version draws from all the previous incarnations but is most similar that of Engelbert Humperdinck's 1969 recording. 

Originally written and recorded by The Brothers Four (1960)🎧  FNM (1995)🎧

This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us
Originally written by Ron Mael and recorded by Sparks (1974)🎧   FNM (1997)🎧
Something for the Girl with Everything
Originally written and recorded by Sparks (1974)🎧  FNM (1997)🎧

On December 1st 1997 Faith No More released their collaboration single with Sparks. Ron and Russell Mael's 1997 album Plagiarism features newly recorded versions of some of their best known songs and included two collaborations with FNM – This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us and Something for the Girl with Everything. Both recordings feature Dean Menta on guitar who since leaving FNM has been performing and recording with Sparks. 

It was Sparks who approached FNM to appear on their album Bill remembers, "They found out that we're fans of theirs, and have asked us to appear on their next album. That's just f**king amazing. Sparks were the first really campy operatic-type band. I always thought Queen ripped them off." 
Roddy has mentioned that Sparks are his all time favourite band saying, “We’re both real oddball outfits, and we like to push buttons.” 
FNM have been joined onstage by Sparks to perform the song on two occasions, at Brixton Academy in November 1997 and at Hollywood Palladium in December 2010 with Menta on guitar. 

Live Songs

There are many cover songs Faith No More have added to their live shows over the years that were never recorded in a studio or appeared on an official album. Here is the list with example of gigs they were performed at. 

This Guy's In Love With You
Originally written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Recorded by Herb Alpert (1968)🎧 

"Who doesn't love Burt Bacharach!" asked Patton during a BBC Radio Rock show recording session at Maida Vale studios in 2015. It was then that FNM recorded a live version of the song. The band first played This Guy's In Love With You on stage during the Album Of The Year tour on September 16th 1997 at 9.30 Club in Washington DC. It has since become a regular song in their set, and their faithful version has become a fan favourite. 
A live recording of the song was included on the 1998 Who Cares A Lot? greatest hits compilation. Patton would whip out the same melodica used on Midnight Cowboy to play the solos. 
In 1997 Mike Patton listed Bacharach in a my record collection article for Kerrang! magazine as an album he would play after 'a night on the raz', boldly saying "Maybe something by Burt Bacharach. If you don't like his stuff, you don't know shit."

Sweet Dreams
Originally written and recorded Lloyd Landesman (1986)📺

This synthesiser jingle for Nestlé Alpine White bar was originally featured in a thirty-second commercial with camp atmospheric visuals. The music was imagined up by veteran composer Lloyd Landesman, who spent the mid-1980s working as a jingle maestro with such clients as Budweiser, Chevrolet, Ford, Pepsi, and Visa. 
Faith No More managed to extend the jingle to almost two minutes with a dreamy lullaby intro by Roddy. The first recorded time the song was played was in New York on October 24th 1987 during the Introduce Yourself tour. However it was Mike Patton who brought the song to life and it became an introduction into Jim Martin's guitar cruncher Surprise! You're Dead!
The band recorded a version of this jingle in the Triple J studios during the Australian leg of their 1990 tour. 

Originally written and recorded by Van Halen (1983)🎧   FNM (2015)📺

It's possible this was the first cover song played by FNM. Roddy makes a reference to having performed Jump in 1984 with Courtney Love on vocals in Small Victories : The True Story Of Faith No More, "We played Jump ,the first time with Courtney at the Mab. It felt very real. I had the same keyboard that Eddie Van Halen used in the recording, and the sound of it, the vibe of it, was spot on. We were really pleased with ourselves.We were so obnoxious. We really wanted to push people’s buttons."
The Van Halen song made a comeback 31 years later when FNM played it as an interlude on their Sol Invictus tour. 

Originally written by Dino Fekaris and Freddie Perren. Recorded by Peaches and Herb (1979)🎧

FNM picked this corny RnB number as the opening track for the majority of shows on their Second Coming tour in 2009 with Roddy and Patton sharing the lead vocals. 

Originally written by Don Black and composed by Walter Scharf. Recorded by Michael Jackson (1972)🎧

Ben was recorded for the 1972 American horror film of the same name about a boy and his killer rat! FNM added their faithful interpretation of the Michael Jackson song to sets in 2010.

EastEnders Theme
Originally written and recorded by Simon May and Leslie Osborne (1984)📺 FNM (2009) ðŸ“º

FNM debuted this cover of the theme song from UK TV soap Eastenders in Edinburgh 2009. Bill Gould is a huge fan of the show. 

Chariots of Fire
Originally written and recorded by Vangelis (1981)🎧  FNM (2010)📺

Kiss and Say Goodbye
Originally written by Winfred Lovett and recorded by The Manhattans (1976)🎧  FNM (2010)📺

Qué He Sacado con Quererte 
Originally written by Violeta Parra🎧 FNM (2010)📺

Originally written by Dolores O'Riordan and recorded by The Cranberries (1994)🎧
FNM (1995)📺

This protest song originally at hit for Irish rock outfit The Cranberries was played as an ad -lib on March 5th 1995 at Norwich, FNM extended it into almost the full song a few nights later at The Forum in London. They played the song around six more times on the tour. 

Glory Box 
Originally written and recorded by Portishead (1995)🎧   FNM (1995)📺

In 1995 there was an influx of electronic trip-hop music that dominated the UK charts. FNM embraced this and played a shortened version of Glory Box live. The first documented performance of the song was on March 30th 1995 in Milan, the band would play the song throughout the rest of the tour.  

Highway Star
Originally written and recorded by Deep Purple (1972)🎧   FNM (1997)📺

FNM added a one minute version of the classic rock anthem to their set in late 1997, the first recorded occasion was in Columbus Ohio on September 10th. Doug Esper remembers the show, “On 10 September 1997 Faith No More played in Columbus, Ohio at a place called the Newport and they did Highway Star like 6-7 times and they were busting up laughing each and every time…in fact if I remember correct at one point Jon started to play Ashes to Ashes but Mike stopped him, said the crowd wasn’t good enough to hear that, and they played it again. I’d love to see/hear that show if anyone has it…the next night they played Cincinnati Ohio which was also a great show.”
The song was included on the Who Cares A Lot? greatest hits compilation.

With Or Without You
Originally written and recorded by U2 (1987)🎧   FNM (1987)📺

Life’s A Gas
Originally written and recorded by T.Rex (1971)🎧   FNM (1988)📺
Played acoustically by Chuck. 

Stairway to heaven

Originally written and recorded by Led Zeppelin (1971)🎧   FNM (1987)📺 

Originally written and recorded by Suzanne Vega (1987)🎧 
FNM. 23 May 1988 at Bierkeller Bristol, England. 

1992 Marquee Club 

On June 2nd 1992 Faith No More played a show at the Marquee Club in Hamburg, Germany. The audio from this show was released as a bootleg recording titled An Uncover Gig. This particular night was unusual because FNM added various covers and ad libs that they would never play again. ðŸŽ§ Listen to the full show. 

We Will Rock You
Originally written by Brian May and recorded by Queen (1977)🎧
We Got the Beat
Originally written and recorded by The Go-Go's (1980)🎧
Sex Bomb
Originally written and recorded by Flipper (1982)🎧
Ha Ha Ha
Originally written and recorded by Flipper (1980)🎧
Originally recorded by Weird Al Yankovic (1988)🎧
Originally written and recorded by SoundGarden (1991)🎧
Walk This Way
Originally written and recorded by Aerosmith (1975)🎧

Ad Libs

The phrase ad libs is derived from the Latin ad libitum (at one's pleasure) and in music it refers to the singer making up spontaneous melodies. Faith No More coined the phrase for the first time on the linear notes for Live At Brixton Academy
The tradition of FNM adding lyrics and brief riffs from other songs at strategical places within their own songs dates back to when Chuck fronted the band. FNM often include light hearted nods to artists and songs that are topping the charts at any particular time.
However it wasn’t until Mike Patton took over vocal duties that FNM made this an art form. Probably the most famous of these short tributes were inserted into the most recognisable FNM songs, We Care A Lot, Epic, Chinese Arithmetic and Midlife Crisis during the early 90s.
It was the You Fat Bastards live at Brixton Academy vhs release that first showcased these ad libs to a wider audience including: New Kids On The Block The Right Stuff and Technotronic Pump Up The Jam.
Of course we do not have a complete history of FNM's set lists therefore it would be very difficult to list every one of these. However here is a long list of ad libs, teases and interludes plus a link to the video, audio or show listing of where the song was played. 


Originally written and recorded by Tears For Fears (1984)🎧  FNM (1986)📺

Stars and Stripes Forever
Originally composed by John Philip Sousa (1897)
FNM. 10 June 1987. Herman's Hideaway Denver, CO, USA

Sign Your Name
Originally written and recorded by Terence Trent D'Arby (1987)🎧  FNM (1988)🎧

Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Originally written and recorded by Tears For Fears (1985)🎧

1989 - 1991

Originally written and recorded by Madonna (1990)🎧  FNM(1990)📺

FNM were morbidly fascinated with Madonna in the early 90s and often included this song over the intro of Chinese Arithmetic. 

Originally written and recorded by Sade (1988)🎧  FNM(1989)📺

It Takes Two
Originally written and recorded by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock (1988)🎧  FNM(1989)📺

Get Up! (Before the Night Is Over)
Originally written by Manuella Kamosi and Thomas de Quincey. Recorded by Technotronic (1990)🎧 

Pump Up The Jam 
Originally written by Manuella Kamosi and Thomas de Quincey. Recorded by Technotronic (1989)🎧

911 Is a Joke
Originally written and recorded by Public Enemy (1990)🎧  FNM(1989)📺

You Got It (The Right Stuff)
Originally written by Maurice Starr and recorded by New Kids On The Block (1988)🎧

Macho Man
Originally written and recorded by The Village People (1978)🎧  FNM(1990)📺

Originally written by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell. Recorded by Little Willie John (1956)🎧
05 February 1990. Rock City Nottingham, England

Carneval in Rio
Originally written and recorded by Heino (1972)🎧  FNM(1990)📺

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
Originally written and recorded by Elton John and Bernie Taupin (1974)🎧  FNM(1990)📺

I'm Gonna Miss You
Originally recorded by Milli Vanilli (1988)🎧  FNM(1990)📺

Buffalo Stance
Originally recorded by Neneh Cherry (1989)🎧  FNM(1989)📺

Let Love Rule
Originally written and recorded by Lenny Kravitz (1989)🎧  FNM(1990)📺


Warm It Up
Originally written by Jermaine Dupri and recorded by Kris Kross (1992)🎧  FNM (1992)📺

Street Tuff
Originally written and recorded by Rebel MC (1989)🎧  FNM (1992)📺

Final Countdown
Originally written by Joey Tempest and recorded by Europe (1986)🎧
03 July 1992. Wasahalen Stadium Hedemora, Sweden

Under The Bridge
Originally written and recorded by Red Hot Chili Peppers (1992)🎧  FNM (1992)📺

Saturday Night
Originally written and recorded by Bay City Rollers (1975)🎧  FNM (1992)🎧

Originally written and recorded by Pearl Jam (1991)🎧
17 October 1992. Tower Theater Upper Darby, PA, USA

Keep On Loving You
Originally written by Kevin Cronin and recorded by REO Speedwagon (1980)🎧
FNM (1992)🎧

The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo
Originally written and recorded by Ween (1992)🎧  FNM (1992)🎧

Originally written and recorded by Del tha Funkee Homosapien (1991)🎧  FNM (1992)🎧

Jump Around
Originally written and recorded by House Of Pain (1992)🎧
09 November 1992.Grugahalle Essen, Germany

Free Your Mind
Originally written by Foster and McElroy. Recorded by En Vogue (1992)🎧 FNM (1993)🎧

My Name Is Prince
Originally written and recorded by Prince (1992)🎧  FNM (1992)📺

Bring Me Edelweiss
Originally written and recorded by Edelweiss (1988)🎧
16 November 1992. Jurahalle Neumarkt, Germany

Forward Ever Backward Never
Originally written and recorded by WestBam (1992)🎧  FNM (1992)📺

Sixteen Tonnes
Originally written and recorded by Merle Travis (1947)🎧   FNM (1993)🎧

Life Is A Highway
Originally written and recoreded by Tom Cochrane (1991)🎧   FNM (1992)📺

(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story
Originally written by Frances Lai and recorded by Andy Williams (1971)🎧
09 May 1993. Hordern Pavillion Sydney, NSW, Australia

Theme from Twin Peaks 
Originally written and recorded by Angelo Badalamenti (1990)🎧  FNM (1993)📺


Nel blu dipinto di blu
Originally written and recorded by Domenico Modugno (1958)🎧  FNM (1995)📺

Live Forever
Originally written by Noel Gallagher and recorded by Oasis (1994)🎧
11 March 1995. Manchester University Manchester, England

Enter Sandman
Originally written and recorded by Metallica (1991)🎧
20 March 1995. Sentrum Scene Oslo, Norway

Creeping Death
Originally written and recorded by Metallica (1984)🎧
22 March 1995. Palladium Stockholm, Sweden

Here Comes the Hotstepper
Originally written and recorded by Ini Kamoze (1994)🎧
05 April 1995. l'Elysèe Montmartre Paris, France

All I Wanna Do
Originally written and recorded by Sheryl Crow (1994)🎧
24 May 1995. The Brewery Louisville, KY, USA

Originally written and recorded by Black Sabbath (1970)🎧
24 May 1995. The Brewery Louisville, KY, USA

The 500 Club
Originally written and recorded by Steel Pole Bath Tub (1995)🎧

Move Your Ass!
Originally written and recorded by Scooter (1995)🎧
04 June 1995. Rock Im Park Olympiastadion Munich, Germany

Back For Good
Originally written by Gary Barlow and recorded by Take That (1995)🎧  FNM (1995)📺

Iron Man
Originally written and recorded by Black Sabbath (1970)🎧  FNM (1995)📺


Ain't Talkin' 'bout Dub
Originally written and recorded by Apollo 440 (1997)🎧
06 May 1997. Markthalle Hamburg, Germany

I Believe I Can Fly
Originally written and recorded by R. Kelly (1996)🎧
01 October 1997. Odgen Theatre Denver, CO, USA

Barbie Girl
Originally written and recorded by Aqua (1997)🎧
13 November 1997. Forum Am Schlosspark Ludwigsburg, Germany

Originally written and recorded by LL Cool J (1997)🎧
09 December 1997. Le Bataclan Paris, France

Ice Ice Baby
Originally written by Vanilla Ice (1990)🎧
07 April 1998. Coliseu dos Recreios Lisbon, Portugal

Men In Black
Originally written and recorded by Will Smith (1997)🎧  FNM (1997)📺

Need You Tonight
Originally written and recorded by INXS (1987)🎧
27 November 1997. Music Hall Hannover, Germany

2009 - 2012

Boom Boom Pow
Originally written and recorded by The  Black Eyed Peas (2008)🎧  FNM (2010)📺

Originally written and recorded by Gershon Kingsley (1969)🎧  FNM (2009)📺

Poker Face
Originally written and recorded by Lady Gaga (2008)🎧

Fuck You
Originally written and recorded by Lily Allen (2009)🎧  FNM (2009)📺

Time Forward! Theme
Originally written and recorded by Georgy Sviridov (1965)🎧  FNM (2009)📺

Ela é Carioca
Originally written by Antônio Carlos Jobim (1963)🎧  FNM (2009)📺

Cielito Lindo
Traditional Mexican song popularized by Quirino Mendoza y Cortés (1882)🎧
FNM (2009)📺

Originally written and recorded by Siouxsie and the Banshees (1978)🎧  FNM (2010)📺

Sir Duke
Originally written and recorded by Stevie Wonder (1977)🎧  FNM (2010)📺

Scarface Tony's Theme
Originally written and recorded by Giorgio Moroder (1983)🎧  FNM (2009)📺

Don't Dream It's Over
Originally written and recorded by Crowded House (1986)🎧  FNM (2010)📺

Ajde Jano
Serbian folk song FNM (2010)📺

Originally written by Les Reed and recorded by Tom Jones (1968)🎧

Trololo Song
Originally recorded by Eduard Khil (1976)🎧  FNM (2012)📺
02 July 2012. Stadium Live Moscow, Russia

Never Gonna Give You Up
Originally written by Stock Aitken Waterman and recorded by Rick Astley (1987)🎧
FNM (2012)📺

Niggas In Paris
Originally written and recorded by Jay-Z and Kanye West (2011)🎧 FNM (2012)📺

Et moi, et moi, et moi
Originally written and recorded by Jaques Dutronc (1966)🎧  FNM (2012)📺


The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Originally written by Solomon Linda and recorded by Tight Fit (1982)🎧   FNM (2015)📺

All About That Bass
Originally written and recorded by Meghan Trainor (2014)🎧   FNM (2015)📺

Lido Shuffle
Originally written by Boz Scaggs and David Paich. Recorded by Boz Scaggs (1977)🎧
FNM (2015)📺

Originally written by Boz Scaggs and David Paich. Recorded by Boz Scaggs (1976)🎧

Rich Girl
Originally written and recorded by Hall and Oates (1977)🎧  FNM (2015)📺

Strawberry Letter 23
Originally written by Shuggie Otis and recorded by The Brothers Johnson (1977)🎧

All My Life
Originally written and recorded by Foo Fighters (2002)🎧  FNM (2015)📺

Surfin' Bird
Originally written and recorded by The Trashmen (1963)🎧  FNM (2015)📺

The Power Of Love
Originally written and recorded by Jennifer Rush (1984)🎧  FNM (2015)📺

End Of The Road
Originally written by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and recorded by Boyz II Men (1991)🎧 FNM (2015)📺


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