FAITH NO MORE in the UK music newspaper NME.

The end of an era is upon us, with the sad news that the British music journalism magazine, New Musical Express (NME) will no longer be printed.
From it's foundation in 1952 NME always reported on the coolest music trends. Before rock music was reported in the mainstream press, before music television, and way before the Internet, the NME was one of the only places to find out information about bands - or even, sometimes, to see what they looked like. Cover stories were artists like: The Clash, David Bowie, The Stone Roses, The Sex Pistols, Oasis, Oasis again, Oasis...... and of course Faith No More who made the cover three times but also featured on a regular basis throughout the 90s.
NME described Angel Dust as "FNM's most outrageous grubby-faced smirk at the outside world yet. Short on leadweighted, riffed-up chant-alongs and bursting with manic, nay, schizophrenic musical abandon, this is that most dangerous of items - the album we always-wanted-to-make album." And Album Of The Year as a  "collection of great moments with some really Great, Great moments; when FNM get really weird."

In celebration of this great British music paper, here are links to NME FNM features. 

NME | 17.02.1990 
Jerkin for a livin 

FAITH NO MORE are a rap-metal band that sounds like a cross between Prince and the Welsh weightlifting team. They joined STEVEN WELLS for a mid-tour circle jerk.


NME | 14.07.1990 

Faith, Grope and Profanity
By Gavin Martin

Deep in the American heartland, sicko speed metal sensationalists FAITH NO MORE are coming to terms with serious success the groupies, the glad-handers and the merely gonzoid. Does this threaten to topple even their own highly-developed sense of the depraved? GAVIN MARTIN takes a deep breath and joins FNM's tour bus for a frightening, lightning trip through the rank underbelly of MTV star-tripping.


NME | 20.06.1992
By Mary Anne Hobbs

Everything and nothing a rock band should be, Faith No More are subverting the GNR tour with their maniacal metal mutations and well-weird sexual hangups. Mary Anne Hobbs dodges the slobbering roadies, staggering Gunners and dirty books to get in with the infidel crowd in paris. Derek Ridgers keeps the Faith in focus. 


NME | 03.01.1993 
By Gina Morris

Should MIKE PATTON cut the crap? Does RODDY BOTTUM need to come out of the closet? Does BIG JIM MARTIN treat women like dirt? And are FAITH NO MORE a mess of insecurities, attitudes and extravagant contrasts congealing into a thrilling whole... or just another rock band? Not an 'Easy' question to answer, reckons GINA MORRIS, as she spends a week in France with America's premier scatological strew-ups and wonders why such a nice boy like Mike Patton feels the need to swig his own piss and shit in a hair dryer.


NME | 18.02.1995 
Defecation In Venice
By Gavin Martin

It's been a stormy 18 months for FAITH NO MORE - guitarist Jim Martin found his P45 on the doormat and inter-band ructions threatened to tear the band apart. With a brand new album in the can, GAVIN MARTIN wonders whether the band's firebrand front man MIKE PATTON has lost his raw passion for rock'n'roll high jinks - and hears how fecal snacking can broaden your horizons.



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