The latest update from Faith No More and related projects.

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Here are the latest documentry videos concerning this project. 

  • We have uploaded some rare MTV interviews from 1992. They are filmed during the ill fated Metallica / Guns 'N' Roses stadium tour. Thanks to EPTic Media Inc.

  • Roddy Bottum has been busy lately campaigning for Women's rights in Washington, also modelling for a fashion shoot in Out Magazine. Photos by Jack Pierson. Get your copy HERE.

A photo posted by Roddy Bottum (@roddybottum) on

  • Our friends at Faith No More 2.0 have started a Facebook account, if you don't already, please follow this page for excellent FNM plus coverage. Adrian who runs the page has begun to write his Faith No More biography. Read more about this exciting book due out in 2018 at Punk Globe.
" will be the story of the band so a biography of sorts. I've allowed myself plenty of room for interpretation and critical theory. I very much hope it will be the definitive book about the band, written with the passion of a fan and the precision of a journalist."


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