MATT WALLACE credits DAVID BIANCO as an essential part of JIM MARTIN'S guitar sound

In a heartfelt post Matt Wallace spoke about the recent death of fellow music producer David Bianco. His credits include work with Bob Dylan, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Danzig and many more. In 1996, he won a Grammy for his work on Tom Petty’s Wildflowers album.
Wallace credits Bianco for helping him refine his skills at recording guitar with Jim Martin on Faith No More's 1989 album The Real Thing.

In 1987 Jim Martin of Faith No More forced me to drive with him to Los Angeles, specifically, to Sound City Studio, for me to learn how to properly mic and record heavy, distorted, rock guitar. After 6+ hours in the car with a chainsmoking Jim Martin we arrived and met with David Bianco, who was engineering a record for Wolfsbane with Rick Rubin producing. David was so mellow, kind, and gracious and took time out of his session to show me all his guitar recording 'tricks'. He was so willing to share any and all information and experience that he had with me, a 27 year old, unknown engineer/producer from the Bay Area. The huge guitar sounds on Faith No More's The Real Thing (including "Epic") are a direct link to David as it was his open sharing of wisdom that really set me on my path to begin doing my best work. It is with tremendous sadness that the recording world, and life in general, has to now go on after losing a dear, dear man today. Much love to you, David, and to your outstanding sons, James and Jesse. -  Matt

RIP David.


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