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As expected the South American Faith No More shows are attracting a lot of attention from the press. Here are two more interviews. Apologies for the crude translations!

Billy Gould, bassist and founding member, talks about the history of the band, new songs, old and present rock.

"No somos una banda de rock": Faith No More
By Esteban Dávila

Why did you split up?

We did a lot of touring, the truth is that we were very tired.

Tired already?

Exactly! It is that we had not seen each other for almost 13 years, but before that spent many years writing and working together. I think we live a life that only we can understand so we decided to meet again and we stayed in touch, it was logical to come back to work together.

How has the comeback, people's reception?

So far, so good. Before we confused  a lot of people with our music , but now is not the case, people know our songs very well, even the strangest.

This will be the first time for the band in Colombia, what are your expectations?

We have many friends who have visited Colombia and we always hear how great the country is, so we'll make it one of the best shows of the tour.

That is something that all musicians promise, why is it different with you?

I am excited with the idea of ​​visiting Colombia, no kidding. The truth is I've never been there, not even on vacation, the only one who has visited the country is Mike Patton, so I hope to stay a few days to see everything you can about the country.

Speaking of the show, it has changed since the nineties and now the stage is dressed with white flowers, how did that happen?

That happened because black is boring, and the flowers are because we are very sensitive, cry a lot (laughs).

And what do you enjoy most about a show now?

The way we're playing together now. I feel we are all very focused, we even had shows that leave us all saying "Wow, that was amazing." There is nothing better than being in this band now.

Let's talk about the new album, it's been 18 years since you launched your latest project, why do "Sol Invictus"?

It is stupid to be together, and not to do something creative. We had to.

The reunion was 2009, why did they wait five years to make a new album?

I think the first few years were to feel comfortable playing together again. After that, I dunno, I like to control the process, but this was the time it took. It's like working with us. In the end we are happy with how it went and that's what really matters.

How does it differ from other albums?

It is far but very close to the other at the same time. When you hear it you know it's a Faith no more album, it does not sound like any other group. But I think that many things took new directions, we have never done before like "From Dead", "Matador" or "Cone of Shame" for example.

How was the process of making the album ? Why decide to do it without help from any producer?

We had a lot of work, of course, but it was very rewarding for us because we realized that we have the skills to make our own album single-handedly.

Let's talk about the history of the band, where they got the name?

At the beginning we called Faith No Man, but it was a band that wanted to give up, and we did. The truth is I do not know why we decided to keep the "Faith", in fact it's a little stupid, a little funny. But when we started the band I was 18, and I don't know what the hell I was thinking. (Laughter)

For a long time Gene Simmons has said the rock is dead, and you recently admitted think the same during the time when the band was touring, so why do a rock band?

It may be because at first we did not think like a rock band. We started as an experimental band with time that we became a rock band. I do not know how it happened, it was a progression and we started to like how it evolved.

Why did you think the genre was dead at the time?

Because all the rules were made and in the 70s all great bands were dinosaurs. Then came punk and erased all that, things changed in a new direction, and gave new life to rock.

Do you still believe that rock is dead?

No, but I think it can become very boring. In general I do not like much, but I think in every genre there is  2% artists doing great things and 98% doing regular things.

Being experimental you became one of the first bands to combine rock and rap, how did that happen?

Because we thought it sounded "cool". It's like cooking,  you combine ingredients that taste good and are good together, it's the same with music.

In this mix "Epic"was born, one of your most famous songs, what does it mean for you?

I am surprised that I enjoy playing it after all these years. That song makes you feel powerful while you play.

Would you say that is the song you most enjoy playing during the show?

No, definitely not. My favourite song changes every show, and lately it's "Separation Anxiety",  from the latest album.

And the favourite of all the band?

It also changes with every show, everyone changes. That is the problem and the advantage of this band. I don't know right now probably Matador.

On a more personal level ...

Sorry, I'm married (laughs).

What has been the biggest challenge as an artist?

I would say that being a musician in itself is very hard, especially financially, because most musicians do not make much money. We rely on luck, but we had some very difficult years. It is much harder if you play songs.

Finally, what is the best about touring at 52?

I'm actually very surprised that what we are doing and doing so well. 20 years ago I would not have imagined that would at this age, but if it's working and we're having fun, it's great and we must take advantage.

The band returns to Buenos Aires to play Sol Invictus. Mike Bordin talks about of the greatness of Ozzy Osbourne, musical independence and the return of one of the most important alternative rock bands.

Mike Bordin, baterista de Faith No More: "Si pudiera dar una medalla a Black Sabbath, se la daría"

Mike Bordin, besides being one of the best drummers in metal from the '80s until now, played in Faith No More during the entire career of the band, from 1982 to 1998. He was also the drummer for the 1995 Ozzy Osbourne tour and, if that was not enough, he was the replacement for Bill Ward during the 1997 Black Sabbath tour for Ozzfest.

But his career grew and he continued playing on Degradation Trip second solo album of Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), and was on tour with Korn temporarily replacing David Silveria.
Faith No More returns to the country to be reunited with the Argentine public. "We are preparing a big, loud, funny, powerful, passionate show, all we're going to give everything," said Bordin to La Viola.

But Bordin, besides being one of the founders of Faith No More, is a spokesman and one of the sparks that rekindled the magic of the band. "We all thought about it, we thought a lot. We talked for some time and when we saw the opportunity, after all these years, we decided to take it," said the drummer .
"We felt there was magic and we had chemistry,  an honest spark of passion that was there. We just got the idea to have fun and we enjoyed it. So we did the record, because we were having fun ", how Bordin defined simple genesis of Sol Invictus.

Faith No More returned again after nearly 20 years with a studio album. And if we remember the brief message announcing that the band separated in 1998, after touring  Album of the Year , it’s difficult to understand that their return has been as simple as a spark.
But Bordin confirms that amalgam that brought together the members of the band consists of experience and respect. "The five members, we are really different people then, so you have to be aware that the rest of the band will not always think the same. Now, more than ever, we know this and so we are in the same place. I think that's why the album came out so well, because it represents each of us . Each has his place and shines on this album, I think that’s very important. That's a balance and everything works smoothly. If one of us was not it would not be the same band."

In addition to the union and versatility of each of its members (just review the career of Mike Patton or Bill Gould), Faith No More have independence. Not only artistic, but also commercial, and that in an alternative rock band has an appraised value by musicians.
"This is something we do because we want to, first of all. No one forced anyone to be here. The door was always open to do and all really enjoyed. It is our drive, our company and we are very proud of that. We are independent at this time and that is wonderful compared to the old days." said Bordin.

And it is that, in the past, the costs of recordings and productions almost forced the band to rely on a label or stamp. "When record labels said that Angel Dust was not a good album, we should not do it because it was so alternative. We didn’t care because we thought it was so good . This is the best of all it is our album, we earn the space where we believe we can provide what we believe is the best we have. I'm very proud of that, my boy, the outcome of Sol Invictus . It feels good, very good ."

Mike Bordin, the drummer and co-founder of the band talks about his present self-managed, his musical bets and operation as a band.

Faith No More: "Somos una banda pasional y honesta"
By Adriano Mazzeo

Faith No More, Californians pillars of unclassifiable rock play tonight at Luna Park. Their third visit since the reunion in 2009 and to play Sol Invictus , acclaimed independent album released in May.

Clarin spoke with Mike Bordin, drummer and co-founder of the band, a unique musician, versatile and energetic, a deep professional. "For the tours I need to be rested and strong, because my style of playing is super physical;  Faith No More shows require all our energy. We have been touring with Sol Invictus for some time and we feel great among ourselves and with the new songs. "

Now you are working for yourself, how do you spend your spare time?

It is very important to be comfortable on the road. I like to eat well, take a walk through the cities, basic things that allow me to get ready for the shows, which is my main goal. There are other overwhelming issues in the music business, such as giving interviews to promotional videos. Now we get all the credit when things go well, and all the blame when not. There's more responsibility, but we do the music we want, regardless of anyone's opinion.

Faith No More has no time limit on their popularity.

Can be. But with internet everyone can see what we are doing. I would think that we perceive something honest and super passionate. FNM music took a long time to be "understood". When  Angel Dust  or  The Real Thing  came out, it was difficult for people to understand that sound; perhaps time has helped them feel more familiar with who we are.

I think Faith No More is such a broad concept as complex, and it is not a given for everyone. Do you think that it is a difficult band to enjoy as a whole?

Totally. A greater individuality you put into something, the bigger more difficult it becomes. Here it is often discuss the popularity of McDonald's is popular because it does not offend anyone. It is always the same flat, bland and generic thing. The more you put into something, the more risk you have of someone saying "oh, this is not for me" . You're right, but I also believe that in our varied music there is something for everyone in this band will only need to find it.

How would you define the relationship between the band members: friends, colleagues, classmates or siblings of the soul?

One could argue each of these words, but I would say that we are colleagues, comrades in business. And I think we're family. We've been through good and bad, we spend possibly among us more time together than with other people. FNM is a passionate and honest band. We in put everything we have  a very special code that we do not share with anyone else. We are playing in different places and when we return home we realize this. Definitely first I say that we are a family.


  1. I have always 'gotten' FNM's music. I have much joy and appreciation for your individually and hard work. Being a long time fan, Sol Invictus is another treasured piece of art you ALL have bequeathed us. While touring, interviews, etc must be hard, I savior them. Mike's comment about taking care of himself is great to learn. Hoping that everyone does the same so that many more albums and tours can be done. Looking forward to my third show this tour in Sacramento!


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