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MIKE PATTON and URI CAINE 'Forgotten Songs' May 2018

PEEPING TOM album was released 12 years ago!

26 years ago FAITH NO MORE released 'Midlife Crisis', the first single from 'Angel Dust'.

MIKE PATTON introduced us to MONDO CANE 11 years ago!

BILL GOULD and JARED BLUM's album 'The Talking Book' released 7 years ago!

FAITH NO MORE on tour with GUN 'N' ROSES. Prague May 20th 1992

MIKE PATTON and URI CAINE program includes Mr. Bungle and Slayer AND new music!

FAITH NO MORE 'Ashes To Ashes' was released 21 years ago!

FAITH NO MORE released their 7th studio album SOL INVICTUS 3 years ago!

MIKE PATTON discusses '1922', Mr. Bungle, Fantômas and more in an interview on Murmur Radio

Listen to the first track from MIKE PATTON's soundtrack to the Netflix film '1922'

Happy 90th birthday BURT BACHARACH!

BILL AND TED return for a third film 'Bill and Ted Face The Music'

RODDY BOTTUM in the studio with HIFIKLUB


DEAD CROSS Great American Music Hall and Heaven And Hell Festival, May 2018

Watch FAITH NO MORE joined by CHUCK MOSLEY at The Fillmore in Detroit on May 8th 2015

TOMAHAWK's second album MIT GAS was released 15 years ago!

MIKE PATTON's MONDO CANE released 8 years ago!

Listen to new DEAD CROSS EP and watch the new video for 'My Perfect Prisoner'

FAITH NO MORE released the single 'Ricochet' 23 years ago!