FAITH NO MORE released 'Epic' for a second time 28 years ago!

Faith No More's smash hit Epic was originally released on January 29th 1990. However due to a surge of success in mid 1990, due to extended airplay of the video on MTV,  Slash Records decided to reissue the single to maximise on this good fortune. Therefore saw a second release with new packing on August 27th. 

"At the time it was our favorite song on the album, but no one from the record label seemed too interested in it. In fact, we had done a video for 'From Out Of Nowhere' which didn't get much traction, and the label told us, 'Hey guys, the album didn't work. We'll do one more video for whatever song you want.' So we picked 'Epic' because it just felt the most natural at the time. We had very little expectations of it becoming a commercial hit." - Bill Gould

"More than anything I remember us being in Europe, and our manager would check in with us maybe once a week. He called and said: ‘Your single is blowing up over here,’ we didn’t believe him. We thought he was buttering us up so he could keep us on the road, and we all wanted to go home. I remember landing in the airport, going to the hotel, turning on the TV by chance and seeing the damn thing and going: ‘Oh shit….the jokes on us!" -  Patton 1995

This re-release saw Epic top the charts in Australia, huge success in the UK and reach number 9 in the USA Billboard charts. 

You can read more about the song HERE. 


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