RODDY BOTTUM | 10 Best Keyboard Parts ....Chosen By You

Roddy Bottum is a founding member of Faith No More and is single-handedly responsible for making keyboards within guitar based music,cool.
In a predominantly heterosexual place he has become somewhat a gay icon and an inspiration to many.

“If someone had a problem with it, I don't think they would address that to my face. Bigotry is chickenshit, you know? The Klan wore masks because they were ashamed to show their faces. The people who would have a problem with a gay keyboard player wouldn't do it publicly; they would talk about it behind my back. So that way, I didn't see a whole lot of resistance. On the flip side, though, I got, and still get, kids who high-five and say, 'That's so awesome you did that. Thanks for coming out back in the day. It made it easier for me. It opened a window for me.' It's a super-sweet thing I was able to do with my life that helped others. Kids still struggle, and puberty is a hard enough time with figuring out who you are without having to deal with preconceptions and bigotry. For my nieces and nephews, it's such a blasé thing to talk about. They don't care about it. In a weird way, it takes away from the allure from what it was back then. I kind of prefer being hated, you know what I mean? It was interesting when I had a point to make and I stood out. There was a danger to being misunderstood.” - Roddy 2015

Here is a list of Roddy's ten best keyboard parts as chosen by you.....

As The Worm Turns

Be Aggressive

Edge Of The World

Mouth To Mouth

Woodpecker From Mars



The Cowboy Song




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