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  • Record Store Day 2016 exclusive release list includes a 7" of  Started A Joke by FNM and The Bee Gees. This is part of Rhino Records 'Side By Side' series pairing a classic song by two artists on one record. The vinyl will be pressed in mint green. Limited to 5500 copies and available on April 16th from participating stores. Read more.

  • The upcoming music documentary Underground Inc. directed by Shaun Katz features Matt Wallace discussing his illustrious career with FNM. The directed shared an outtake from the film of Matt talking about Mike Patton. In this clip Matt discusses Patton's ability to switch persona within his role as singer, the example he uses is Be Aggressive. More info on Underground Inc. on the Facebook Page.

  • Corey Taylor explains how Faith No More's VMA performance in 1990 inspired him to kick drugs and write music in an interview by Loudwire Epic Rock Tales.
    "I kinda laid on the couch for a while and the VMAs were on. It was the year Faith No More first played – they played Epic – and it was amazing! They were so good and they were so powerful and so different to anything I’d ever seen that they really kinda got me up off my ass."
  • “That’s when I started writing and making music again. So if it wasn’t for Faith No More, I wouldn’t be here.”


Writing Yourself Into Existence: Tunde Adebimpe And Doseone Discuss Nevermen
All three are delighted with the outcome, Adebimpe doubly so because the experience of recording has evaporated over time and he has the critical distance which allows him to truly enjoy the songs. Patton, unfortunately unavailable to interview alongside his bandmates, enthusiastically agreed to produce something with Drucker before crossing paths with Adebimpe at an Australian festival. Adebimpe, a Faith No More fan since the age of 14, admits to being starstruck by Patton's eminence, to "saying hi before nervously looking at my feet and walking away"


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