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  • Mike Bordin was spotted hanging out with Ozzy Osbourne this week at their show in San Jose. Ozzy posted a picture of the two on his social media commenting how great it was to see Puffy.

  • Bordin was also tagged in a photo by Adam Wakeman, son of Rick Wakeman and offstage band member of Sabbath.

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  • In an interview from last month for Australian free magazine The Music Patton spoke about Nevermen and Sol Invitcus.

From Vocal-Only Project To 'Fake Band'

On Nevermen
 "We never sat down and discussed what kind of a band we wanted to be, or what kind of record we wanted to make. We never wrote the songs, arranged them, rehearsed them. We never went into a studio together; it was all done in bits-and-pieces, over many years, in our own home studios. The pen-and-paper for us was just hitting record. A lot of what came out of it was a fucking mess. But, within that, we found a common language."

On Sol Invictus
"In life, you don't get many of those chances to get it right again, to correct mistakes, to heal old wounds. It was odd, in the beginning, because it felt like playing someone else's music. And that was a charge, for me, because it felt new again. There'd be times when we'd be rehearsing and I'd have no idea what line I was about to sing, but then it'd just come out of me. Like, this shit is still in me. Then there were other things you've completely forgotten. Like, 'Wait, I did that? What were we thinking? We were completely out of our minds!' And on the other side of that coin you go: 'Jesus! What a piece of shit that was. We're not playing that again!'"

  • Kaada shared a teaser of 'Red Rainbow' from the new album 'Bacteria Cult' on YouTube.


  • Jon spoke with Total Guitar about the Gibson Les Paul his used for 8 years.

Espen J Jorgensen

  • Espen J Jörgensen who has previously collaborated with Bill Gould has a new album called Paradise Once available for download at Bandcamp.
'A collaboration between Swiss/English electronic musician & sound designer, Rupert Lally; and Norwegian electronic artist and filmmaker, Espen J. Jörgensen'
  • Here is a taster of the music accompied by artwork by Enrico Maniago of Flattbush


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