Listen to new MIKE PATTON and JEAN CLAUDE VANNIER tracks from 'Corpse Flower'

French Radio station FIP has aired it's one hour special including interviews with Mike Patton and Jean Claude Vannier
During the show hosts Stéphanie Daniel and Luc Frelon play a selection of tracks form both artist's catalogues and premiere tracks from their collaborative album Corpse Flower due out via Ipecac on September 13th. You can hear these songs; Camion at 13:00, A Schoolgirl's Day 23:40, Cold Sun Warm Beer 31:30, Ballad C.3.3 44:50, Yard Bull 51:11. 

Most of the talk is in French with comments in English by Patton, unless you are fluent or have a translator it's tough going. 

Patton speaks of his relationship with Jean Claude, "The thing I love about Jean Claude's work is an incredible use of restraint. Which is something I'm not really used to."
He also briefly addresses the possibility of Mr. Bungle playing in France, "No promises man. It has to be very limited 'cause we haven't played in 20 years, especially this music in like 30. It has to be very special and very short so we chose our three favourite cities..."

Listen to the full episode HERE .

Pre-order Corpse Flower

Photo Renaud Monfourny


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  12. What an exciting sneak peek into Mike Patton and Jean Claude Vannier's collaborative album! The radio special provides a tantalizing glimpse into their work, and Patton's insight into their partnership is intriguing. Can't wait to hear the full album and see if Mr. Bungle makes their long-awaited return to France Impugnado Abogado Divorcio en Nueva York Impugnado Divorcio Estado de Nueva York


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