FAITH NO MORE 'The Real Thing' anniversary skateboards from Check Your Head

Check Your Head is a small company running out of Australia and creating some incredibly cool skateboard decks. Their limited edition designs include Bad Brains, Voivod and Dead Kennedys. The latest design pays homage to 30 years of Faith No More's The Real Thing and has been a direct collaboration with members of the FNM team.

In their youth members of FNM were themselves boarders, including the late Chuck Mosley. A band of dread locked, new age punk skateboarding Bay Area...dudes... it seems quite natural that at some point we would get a board dedicated to the band. We spoke to William Guedes at Check Your Head who told us exactly why the time was right for a FNM deck, 

"Since Faith no More only had one skateboard model released by now defunct Airbourne Skateboards in the 90s, I always thought that that wasn’t enough! Such a great band that brought a fresh breath to the music, with only one deck released."

Guedes explains how FNM got involved, "I started trying to contact the band about 2 years ago, once the emails started, the flow of ideas was natural, and we sent about a dozen different designs for them to choose from. The band agreed to the designs released today."

"We went ahead and released the graphic in horizontal and vertical versions, because we couldn’t pick between them, we are very pleased and proud about this release because we are big Faith No More fans, and we are a small company, but we dream big, and we pour out hearts on what we love, skateboarding and music. We feel humbled and grateful for the opportunity, and this is just the first collaboration between Check Your Head Skateboards and Faith No More."

The skateboard is available from Monday September 16th there are two models which are  hand numbered and limited to 30 of each. So don't miss out. 


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