Rare MIKE PATTON vocal from 1988 unearthed

As Trevor Dunn has reinstated the 'Copia Verborum' question and answer section on his newly updated website, we have witnessed him provide some cool answers to some cool questions. 
For example Mustafa asks what's next for Tomahawk and Trevor confirms what we were already aware of, "We recorded a new record a couple years ago and have been waiting patiently for MP to add his vocals.  He’s a busy guy.  Anyway, no idea when that could be finished."
Trevor also tells us he has recorded some duo music with Buzz Osborne which he will tour in 2020. 

Another interesting piece of archive material was uncovered by Julien who brought up a little known recording by Arcata artist Kevyn Dymond who collaborated with Mark Shafer. The 1988 cassette is titled Play Something Else  [Discogs listing] and features Mike Patton, Trey Spruance, Trevor Dunn and Danny Heifetz of Mr. Bungle on various tracks.

Trevor comments, 

"I remember recording with Kevyn Dymond in Arcata, CA when I was in college.  He played in a local punk band called R4.  I think for that cassette he hired many local musicians to record in weird combinations.  I’m on one song if I’m not mistaken, it might be the one called “Not Even A Spatula” but I’m not 100% sure. Patton might even be on that. Danny Heifetz plays on “School Bus Driver” which has some great lyrics I can recall to this day. The other recording I have no idea.  It’s possible that’s me.  Could have been a live recording, or something I did when I happened to be in Vancouver.  It could also not be me….  There could be other recordings I’m on that, for whatever reason, I forgot about or the bandleader never sent me a copy."

Below you can listen to Alien Mother, a track featuring Patton. 

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