MIKE PATTON and JEAN CLAUDE VANNIER interview on French radio station FIP September 5th

Ahead of his two nights in Italy performing with Mondo Cane, Mike Patton has stopped off in Paris for some promotional duties for the upcoming collaboration project with Jean Claude Vannier

An interview with the two musicians will be aired on Fip Radio ( Paris/Île-de-France: 105.1 MHz ) on Thursday September 5th during Live à Fip with Stéphanie Daniel and Luc Frelon. [Listen here]

"I sent Mike rough versions of the songs to get his opinion . He answered me with words, arrangements, general moods. He awakened my music with his unique perspective and his interpretations of my songs. He is a great singer with a lot of humor. Mike and I have created strong, beautiful and sincere music and friendship." - Vannier

Patton and Vannier have also been part of a photo shoot with French photographer for New Noise Magazine Oliver Drago. 

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The debut album from Patton / Vannier Corpse Flower is released via Ipecac Recordings on September 13th. 


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