METAL HAMMER revisit FAITH NO MORE's 'The Real Thing' in issue 326

UK rock and metal magazine Metal Hammer feature Faith No More in a glossy five page tribute to thirty years of The Real Thing.

The article traces Mike Patton's entry into the band and the eventual breakthrough success of their third album. Written by Rich Hobson and including some classic photos it features interviews with Bill Gould, Mike Bordin and Matt Wallace.

Mike Bordin, "England was the closest any audience had come to understanding us, but even then with the new singer nobody knew what we were going to sound like.  As for 'Why Mike Patton?' Well, at the time you'd have, like, the pop, Bryan Adams guy, the androgynous glam rock guy, the evil, satanic Sunset Strip metal guy - but we didn't want any of those fuckers, because we weren't any of those fuckers. Mike [Patton] didn't fit in anywhere, either - he could be any of those guys and none of them at the same time." 

"After Mike did his first show with us, he got this letter and he was like, 'Holy shit, my first fanmail'.  He opened it up and this guy was like, 'You're a macho creep and an asshole. Fuck you, pig - we want Chuck back!'" 

Get out and grab a copy of Metal Hammer issue 326 for the full story. 


  1. First time I heard the real thing I found my band faith no more are still my favourite band and Mike is in a class all his own.

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