Listen to new MIKE PATTON and JEAN CLAUDE VANNIER song 'Browning'

We are less than a month away from the release of Mike Patton's newest album. His collaboration with French composer Jean Claude Vannier, Corpse Flower, will be out on September 13th via Ipecac Recordings.
The duo have already treated us to two tracks, the wonderfully 'bungle-esque' On Top Of The World and the sombre Parisian sounds of Chansons D'Amour. The free CD included with the October edition of Uncut magazine includes a third song from the album titled Browning. Originally recorded in 1976 by Vannier. 

The song is a smooth ode to a gangster and sees Patton crooning in Leonard Cohan fashion. Uncut have reviewed the album giving it a solid 8 out 10 and saying 'Patton and Vannier prove to be a perfect match', and that 'Patton rises to the occasion throughout'. 

Pre order Corpse Flower HERE


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