Watch IMPERIAL TEEN's new video 'Don't Wanna Let You Go'

The sixth album from Imperial, Teen Now We Are Timeless is released today via Merge Records.
Roddy Bottum and Will Schwartz spoke with Billboard about their follow up to 2012's Feel The Sound, this is the band's first recording in seven years. On the album's title Will said, "The idea that now, at this point, we are timeless is a little ridiculous. It seemed like something serious that was also a joke... it's just a juxtaposition of the sense of the ridiculous, and also an earnestness."

Roddy spoke of his representation of homosexuality through music.
 "I've always liked pushing buttons," he says. "To be in people's face about it was kind of such a special place to be. To be queer, and to just sort of challenge people, was this super-special, generational space for us."

The celebrate the release of the album Imperial Teen have made a video to accompany the song Don't Wanna Let You Go. Directed by Jonathan Grassi it features New York artist and drag queen Tabboo!, who dances around his home and the streets of the city to the beat of the track.
Roddy, "For me, living in New York ... he is such a trademark of local New York. I see him as a sort of unsung hero, and it just felt right to have him represent one of our songs."


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