MR. BUNGLE's first manager KRISTIN YEE talks about the early days

'Enter the bungle-sphere...'

Kristin Yee was Mr. Bungle’s manager from 1989 to 1996 and in episode 175 of The Vinyl Guide she discusses her time with band with Nate Goyer.
Nate has treated us to plenty of Bungle recently with this episode coming not long after a fantastic interview featuring Greg Werckman [listen]
During this hour long discussion the two follow Kristin’s history with Bungle and there are some great anecdotes unearthed.

Kristin recalls an occasion at Warner Bros HQ in Burbank when the Bungle ‘nerds’ and Red Hot Chili Peppers came face to face and were close to exchanging blows.“... we catch sight of each other and everyone starts mouthing off... it's like oh no!

She recalls fond memories of how she struggled to ‘babysit’ the band and some of the comical consequences.
In the beginning they were super destructive. Like, Patton would jump off the stage onto a $5000 velvet curtain at some theatre. Well we gotta pay for that...”

Kristin attributes Mr. Bungle wearing masks in the early days to the fact that the band didn’t want to use Mike Patton’s celebrity as a marketing tool, and for Bungle to be known on their own.

She talks about how the band were interested in having Frank Zappa produce their debut album. Of course this didn’t happen, however after the release Frank contacted Kristin to say how great the album was. They discuss how Bungle dealt with Patton’s absence from the band while he pursued his career with FNM. After talking about Disco Volante Kristin remembers Trey’s dog Stubb, who the song Stubb A Dub is about. 

A spokesman for the band (most likely Trevor Dunn) commented via Twitter,

"Bless Yee's heart but there are some inaccuracies in her recollections. Understandable since she was either on the phone or behind a desk doing her job but not in the trenches with us."

However this is a fascinating episode and a must listen for all Mr. Bungle fans. Kristin also sent Nate these awesome unseen promo photos. 


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