Listen to the new NASTIE BAND track 'Circle Of Knives'

Roddy Bottum is having a busy week! Three days ago saw the release of Now We Are Timeless, Imperial Teen's first album in seven years. We were also treated to a new video for the song Don't Wanna Let You Go directed by Jonathan Grassi.
In complete contrast ,another of Roddy's current musical projects is Nastie Band led by visual artist Frank Haines aka Sandy Smiles. Below you can listen to Circle Of Knives,  the second song (the first was Shapeshift) release from their debut album which comes out on July 26th, and is available for preorder.

Nastie Band is obviously not Roddy’s first exploration of shock’n’roll. Roddy spoke to Kerrang! about becoming one of rock’s first openly-gay figures. “[Coming out] made me nervous,” Roddy admitted. “I was afraid I’d end up cast in this inflammatory light. I didn’t want [resultant tabloid press] talking about me being gay like it was i) anything to be ashamed of, or ii) something that I’d been hiding.
“As far as rock’n’roll goes, there is still the stereotyped heterosexual scenario of teenage girls falling in love with macho guitar heroes,” added Roddy. “But there’s just as much homosexual infatuation in rock music as heterosexual – it’s about time that it’s recognised.

Nastie Band album cover by Jonathan Grassi


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