LAURIE ANDERSON duet with MIKE PATTON in January 2020

On January 25th 2020 two days before his 52nd birthday Mike Patton will be joining Laurie Anderson for a duet performance at the San Francisco Jazz center. 
Laurie Anderson is an American avant-guarde composer, musician and film director who has worked with some incredible artists over the years including Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, John Zorn and Nile Rodgers. She foudn her way into mainstream pop culture through the single O Superman from her 1981 debut album Big Science. SF Jazz describes her as, 'one of America’s most renowned and daring creative pioneers'.

In May of this year Anderson collaborated with Terry Riley and John Zorn in a concert at The Chapel in San Francisco, during the night Patton joined the trio on vocals. This, it seems has led to a special duet between Patton and Anderson to be performed at Miner Auditorium at the SF Jazz center in January next year. 

Patton and Anderson have previsouly shared the stage with Zorn and Anderson's former husband Lou Reed

The violin and vocal duo will focus on the text from Quanjing Jieyao Pian,  the final chapter of Jixiao Xinshu – the famous military manual written in the 16th century by Ming dynasty general and Chinese national hero Qi Jiguang. The chapter, which translates to The Fist Canon and the Essentials of Nimbleness, concerns the subject of unarmed combat exercises as physical training, and is the first known written document of martial arts instruction. The text, written in verse, is oddly poetic considering its pragmatic nature, and is fertile ground for creativity for these two modern music figures.

Tickets are available HERE.


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