GREG WERCKMAN talks about the possiblity of a MR. BUNGLE reunion and the reissues of their albums

You can imagine the amount of fan mail Ipecac Recordings receive asking about Mr. Bungle. In fact in a recent audio interview with The Vinyl Guide Greg Werckman tells us it's a lot.
In celebration of Ipecac Recordings 20 year anniversary, Nate Goyer talks with Mike Patton’s business partner about the history of the label and some of his own history within the music industry. The two reveal some wonderful insight into the record label and Greg’s enthusiasm is clear.

However the part of the conversation that will allure fans of Patton the most is when the two discuss Mr. Bungle. Greg obviously has a soft spot for the band and he talks passionately on the subject.
Greg recalls how he was originally brought in by members of the band to help get them organised in releasing their third and final album California and also how he was part of negotiations to terminate their contract with Warner Bros.

In our Ipecac 20 interview Greg told us he would love to release a Mr. Bungle record. Here Greg reveals that Ipecac has plans to release vinyl reissues of the Mr. Bungle back catalogue. Unfortunately this may not be any time soon as Ipecac are awaiting the cost of buying the rights from Warner Bros to be affordable.

The most encouraging information during this podcast is when Greg discusses the possibly of a Bungle reunion stating, "I don’t think the door’s completely closed on Mr. Bungle". He goes on to tell us that relationships between band members now are better than ever before. 
Greg continues, "who knows, I thought Faith No More would never do anything again". Music to our ears however let’s not get too excited.
"Bungle may never be in the same room again, let alone be on the same stage again. But it is within the realm of possibilities in that they all still respect each other and they all do communicate."

Referring to the fact that Clinton Bär McKinnon and Danny Heifetz currently live in Australia, Greg reminds us that in the modern age recording is entirely possible via "tape trading" or the Internet.

Finally when the interviewer asks Greg if Ipecac might release the early Mr. Bungle demos (such as Raging Wrath of The Easter Bunny and Bowel Of Chiley) he says, "it would be up to the collective members of the band, but it’s something I will and have pushed for, that’s for sure."

It’s a great interview, check it out here.

Read our article on the hopeful return of Mr. Bungle. What the world needs now? A MR. BUNGLE Reunion


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  2. Do or don’t do it.. but please, for the love of god, remaster!!

    But for real, I would be the happiest 42 year-old boy in the world if Bungle reunited (it feels so good...)

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