BILL GOULD and JARED BLUM's 'Talking Book' was released 8 years ago!

Released on May 24th 2011 via Koolarrow Records, this project is the combined vision of Bill Gould and conceptual artist Jared Blum, of the San Francisco based mid-fi sound collage label Gigante Sound

The pair met standing in line on Hamburger Tuesday in the Lower Haight during 2005. 
They began to discuss music and eventually Bill began to help Jared with the mixing and mastering of various projects. Inevitably the two musicians moved from production to creation and which resulted in The Talking Book

'The result brought something to listeners that was totally unexpected: Warbled tapes and dusty vinyl appeared in the cracks, lush drones collected and folded onto each other into a haze of harmony as deep bass pulses drove through the heart of it all. Melodies and blissful awakenings from guitar, organs, oscillators and voice slowly developed the vision of a faded photo, a scenic beauty in a state of decomposition, or in the words of UK/Fluid Radio journalist Nils Quak; “a sonic joyride par excellence.”'

The album is essentially an abstract expressionistic recording which plays likes the soundtrack to a movie. It is dark and atmospheric yet still has an underlying warmth with rich textures and distinctive melodies.

'Their unique exploration of both structured arrangements and non-harmonic sound promises to bring a music both informed and diverse, and stir up emotions in the listener long since buried, or previously unknown.'

In 2017 we interviewed Jared in detail about the album [Read the full interview HERE] he revealed that himself, Bill and Dominic Cramp were working on new material. We reached out to Bill recently to find out how it was progressing and he confirmed that a second album is in production and should be finished sometime in 2019. 


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