FAITH NO MORE released 'Songs To Make Love To' 26 years ago!

On April 3rd 1993 Faith No More released their four track EP Songs To Make Love To
The maxi-single includes the cooler version remix of Easy which a horn section (Roddy Bottum sample patch), Das Schutzenfest, Midnight Cowboy and the band's cover of the Dead Kennedy's classic Let's Lynch The Landlord

Metal Hammer | April 1993

Faith No More have always been an odd bunch and this EP confirms that! They have already released their smooth version of the Commodores classic Easy on single yet here it again accompanied by a couple of strange covers. Midnight Cowboy movie theme (taken from their truly bonkers but brilliant album Angel Dust) and the Dead Kennedys punk out song Let's Lynch The Landlord. The most zany track is a oompah ditty called Das Schutzenfest complete with Mike Patton singing in German!
If you like your music with a little madness go buy it, but if you are still clinging on the metal version of FNM, don't.


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