RODDY BOTTUM reveals the new IMPERIAL TEEN album title and release date

In a recent interview Roddy spoke about Sasquatch the Opera, Faith No More and Imperial Teen. In the interview Roddy revealed that the next Imperial Teen album is now finished, it has a release date and title....

"We just finished the record, mastered it last week and are working on the album artwork. It’s got 10 songs, it’s called Now We Are Timeless and it will come out on Merge Records July 12."

This will be the band's first album in 7 years. Roddy, Lynn Truell, Jone Stebbins and Will Schwartz released Feel The Sound in 2012 via merge records. 

Roddy also spoke about his projects including Nastie Band and a new venture called The Crickets. 

"I’m in a band called Nastie Band. Our record will come out in April. It features an 84 year old singer, a pair of identical twins, a drummer and guitarist and many theatrical elements. It’s a performance band, very dark. Another band I’m in is called Crickets. We’re going away this weekend on a writing retreat. Michael O’Neil and JD Samson are both in that band and we liken ourselves to a wobbly dance sound a-la Tom Tom Club. We have our first show in New York in February."

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