RODDY BOTTUM talks about the future of FAITH NO MORE

The very last chapter in Small Victories : The True Story Of Faith No More has left us hopefully wondering about the future of Faith No More. Roddy Bottum has spoken on this subject in an recent audio interview with Chandler Sorrells for The Ring, the Cage, and the Stage.
The interviewer asks Roddy about the cryptic photograph featuring himself and the other FNM founder members Bill Gould and Mike Bordin outside the studio, shared via social media at the end of 2017. 

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“The last record was a real struggle to make,  it felt really good and it was a really great exercise, taking us, in our inner family sort of like creative process to the next level. It was a place that we kind of needed to go to make Sol Invictus. We spent a lot of time sort of coming back together and getting to know each other again and making music again and playing old songs, and then it kind of reached a point where it felt kind of dirty to just do what we were doing, just these shows of old song. So we took it to the next level and that felt really good I think we all walked away from that – even though it was like a really hard process to get through that record – I think we walked away from it with really positive and optimistic sort of perspectives.

“I will periodically go to San Francisco and make music with those guys and do what we do. It’s a really special unique thing that we kind of share especially like me and Mike Bordin and Billy… We were super young we were like you know 18 or 19 years old when we started making music, so we kind of get in the room and we have a language that speaks really loud and really clear at least as the three of us. I mean where it goes is questionable but we have sort of a language that’s kind of undeniable a really sort of family sense.

“I think we all acknowledge that it’s not something that any of us want to turn our backs on, and it’s kind of fun to do. So in the hopes of pushing things forward and making new music, we continue to do that, to get together and make new sounds and just have a dialogue about prospects and songs and where we go in the future.”

Chandler Sorrells

“So what you’re saying is since the last tour ended you have pretty much been jamming and toying around with stuff that y’all don’t know for sure yet what might come from it, am I correct?”


“Yeah, that’s fair to say, yeah absolutely.”

Roddy also talks about Chuck Mosley a year after his tragic passing, the interviewer asks Roddy about their 2016 reunion.

"It felt amazing. Looking back on it now after Chuck has passed away, it's like oh wow that was the highlight of my career that we were able to revisit that."

During the interview Roddy also tells us that the new Imperial Teen album is being mixed and should be available in the summer of 2019, and mentions the Nastie Band album which he describes as 'unorthoxdox and prevocative'.

Listen to the full interview HERE.


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