MC50 featuring BILL GOULD at Albert Hall Manchester.

We attended the show as fans of Bill Gould and Kim Thayil, however we had done our homework and digested plenty of the original MC5 before the show. We are certainly fans now.
It’s got to be said that Albert Hall is an amazing venue just what you would hope for in a musically historic city like Manchester.

It was fun to see 90's Kerrang! pin up Mike Monroe (of Hanoi Rocks fame) open up for MC50. His glam rock throw back style was a little ‘out there’ but he clearly enjoyed himself and so did the crowd. It must be added that despite his eccentric stage performance the guy was actually very humble backstage.

The crowd was very excited for the main act, however with the the crowd being of an older age it was easy to get a great vantage point right in front of the Faith No More bassist. 
The band kicked straight into a sonic attack with Ramblin’ Rose and Kick Out The Jams and what was highly evident, from all the band members, was that this was an intensely enjoyable set to perform. With no pressures of being ‘band leader’ Bill was comfortable hidden at the back thundering out less complex (than FNM) bass parts. His fierce expressions often broke into smiles and laughter as the band fooled around. Wayne Kramer played the ringleader to perfection submersed in 70's rock 'n' roll passion, while Brendan Canty proved he is one of the most passionate drummers out there.

Highlights of the show were: an impromptu guitar solo duet in which Kramer and Thayil acted liked giddy schoolboys trying to 'out riff' each other; the trippy performance of Jupiter, in which the band seemed to actually leave earth for 8 minutes, and an emotionally charged rendition of the blues number Let Me Try into which Marcus Durant channelled his inner Jim Morrison and poured out everything he had. 

Talking to Bill after the show was a real pleasure, he was relaxed and commented on how he hadn't been on a tour like this since the early 90's. Great band, great night. 

Photos By Jack Kirwin.


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