FAITH NO MORE in issue 10 of Planet Rock Magazine

Music journalist Paul Brannigan who reported on Faith No More for Kerrang! and Sounds in the 80's and 90's, returns to talk about the band in the latest issue of Planet Rock Magazine
The article is a brief six page history of their third album The Real Thing with various quotes ne from Bill Gould, Mike Bordin and some classic quotes from Mike Patton and Jim Martin. And some glossy photos from Ross Halfin, plus a few of our scanned pics too. 

"It was like a sick joke. For the past 12 months we'd worked our asses off and everyone had been telling us how great we were, but we weren't selling any records and we were fucking broke. And then just as the label told us that the record was effectively dead, it all kicked off and we had to start all over again. By the end we hated those songs so fucking much." - Bill

"It was a good ride. We made fistfuls of fucking cash, got to see the world, and we were on top for a while. And then we got sick of each other, ended it all and killed ourselves. Pretty cool, huh?" - Jim

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