MIKE PATTON's MONDO CANE at Coliseo Santiago in Chile, September 2018. Reviews, Photos and videos.

Mike Patton was welcomed back to Chile with open arms, he was mobbed by crazed fans at the airport and hounded by paparrazzi......only in Chile! Mondo Cane were to play at the Coliseo Santiago over three consectutive nights, September 8th, 9th and 10th. With deep great regret from the the band the first show of the run of three was rescheduled to take place earlier on the second day due to Patton suffering a stomach upset.
September 9th (Show 1)

Mike Patton Mondo Cane: Volviendo a casa

To truly understand what Patton's genius is about, it is very important to reflect on a specific point, and that is the ability that the musician has to encompass a great vocal range, which allows him to flow without problems through different styles In the case of Mondo Cane, the compositions enjoy a key in pop tonality, but that is mixed with the epic of that sound orchestrated by a large number of musicians on stage. If we analyze projects like Fantômas, where the instrumental section is the main piece, here we find an instance where Patton and his voice do not work as one more instrument, but instead, it slides through different passages generated by the choirs, the section of keyboards or the orchestra.

Mondo Cane: El rescate y el lujo de un cancionero eterno

And, again, the revisionist combo complies. With a Patton dressed in impeccable white suit and black shirt, he incarnates a kind of Sicilian mobster ready to uncork jewelry that seemed forgotten. And the repertoire is broad and generous. The elegance of "Il Cielo In Una Stanza" by Gino Paoli and popularized by Mina is complemented by the impeccable crescendo of "Che notte!" By Fred Buscaglione and the pure melodrama of "Ore d'Amore" by Fred Bongusto, only the beginning of a set that reaches us directly to the heart and to the memories. Those songs were in our upbringing, and we felt at home. The euphoria of "20 km. Al Giorno "by Nicola Arigliano and the introspection of" Quello Che Conta "by Luigi Tenco give way to the moment that best defines the essence of Mondo Cane:" L'urlo Negro "by The Blackmen, a band like thousands of those in 1966 in the classic rock and roll band format, with intense screams and drama that only Italian blood gives you, and that Patton is so well with his own histrionics at the helm of an accurate and lethal orchestra. It's already final: Mondo Cane did it again with us.

Mondo Cane: El ciudadano Patton. Nostalgia y vanguardia de etiqueta

With the public being an accomplice at all times, the show went fast and sure. With intimate and exciting moments like 'Scalinatella', where most of it is played almost a capela (only with guitar background arpeggios) or the peaceful 'Senza fine'; until moments more lit and euphoric as in 'Storia D'Amore' or 'Yeeeeeh'. Of course, there were also spaces for interaction with the fans, because Chile is Patton's fiefdom, no doubt about it. While there were no surprises or breaks in the setlist, and the sound failed to achieve the monumentality of the arrangements, Mondo Cane was a master class on how to make popular music using all the possible artillery. Because this project, in the end embodies the great possibility of reimagining a classic pop catalog and making it fresh and new, with unthinkable fusions (fast-paced batteries from Frank Zappa's school in the midst of symphonic arrangements, for example). Because, even Patton's staunchest fan imagined himself singing, in an open heart, a song like 'Dio, come ti amo', by the immortal Domenico Modugno (the same one that enchanted our parents 'generation with songs like' La distancia it's like the wind 'or' How have you done '). Notable gesture to the musical memory of the Italian popular song.

General Patton conquered national territory, again.

Roberto Vergara

September 9th (Show 2)


Patton is loved in Chile for everything he transmits. It falls well by interfering in the culture and takes advantage of the best way that it knows: leaving its legacy of multiplicity in each of its formats. Not only with FNM and Mondo Cane he has set foot in the Chilean capital, but he has also successfully done it, along with his Fantomas, Tomahawk and Moonchild projects . And he adds fans of Mr. Bungle  - in this past he came with the percussionist William Winant  - and, in short, they all live in each visit of the Californian, adorned with black shirts hungry for rock.


September 10th (Show 3)

Mike Patton en Chile: “Storia d’amore”

The Sicilian ballad "Scalinatella", the frenetic "Urlo negro", "Che Notte!" By Fred Buscaglione that describes the rude party of a guy or the tenderness of "Il cielo in una Stanza", demonstrates the richness of elements and instruments that they were made available in a new night where the local public once again enjoyed the broad vocal record of Patton.

Twenty-two tracks and almost two hours of presentation, reinforced the adoration between Mike and the Chilean public before a statement to want music away from our latitudes, but thanks to a "Storia d'amore" in every sense as the song of Adriano says Celentano, also performed by the singer manages to create a new successful show for attendees created by the world of Patton.


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