FAITH NO MORE released the single 'A Small Victory' 26 years ago!

On August 3rd 1992 Faith No More released A Small Victory as the second single from Angel Dust. The video was directed by Marcus Nispel (C&C Music Factory) and is an extreme departure from previous FNM videos. It is lavish and abstract film featuring references to war and torture with rather dramatic close-ups of the band.

In 2013 Mike Patton said "It looks really nice and we spent way too much money on it. I think we are still paying for it in lots of ways.", comparing it to a "a perfume commercial or a fashion shoot."

Bill Gould was much more complimentary of the video:

"It's totally different than any video we've ever done; 'A Small Victory' is pretty much a dance song more than anything, it's the most extreme we've ever taken that, so we had to have a visual to complement it." - Bill Gould 1993

"We also wanted something very slick, something that looked really well-done, no tricks. The last video ('Midlife Crisis') was beautiful looking but it had a weird photography style and a weird kind of color." - Bill Gould 1993

"Think of a Madonna video but see us in it instead. It doesn't make any sense, but at the same time it's perfect." - Bill Gould 1993

Witness the making of the video.


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