RODDY BOTTUM in the studio with HIFIKLUB

Roddy Bottum is challenging Mike Patton's title of the hardest working member of FNM with a multitude of varied projects. Since the last Faith No More activity Roddy has written and produced Sasquatch The Opera and starred in a the Hollywood movie Tyrel !

We are now patiently waiting to hear news on the sixth Imperial Teen album, which the band have been working on since 2016. The group's drummer Lynn Truell revealed to us in an interview, "We've gotten together in various sets of ourselves and have been writing songs. We have maybe 20 now, but will skim it down to 12 ish - saving only what we hear as the best. If we can record these for any type of full album or EP, it might be close to a miracle. But yes, that is the plan." Earlier this year Roddy shared a photo of himself and Lynn in the studio.

In April Roddy joined Nastie Band on keyboards for a handful of shows and hinted via his Instagram account that the band are recording an album.

Most recently Roddy has been in Toulon, France recording with French instrumental group Hifiklub.
Hifiklub consists of permanent members Pascal Abbatucci Julien (drums, percussion), Jean-Loup Faurat (effects, guitar), Régis Laugier (bass, vocals) and Nico Morcillo (guitar). The ensemble have been collaborating with different artists since 2007, producing a vast collection of music of varied styles. Check out their Bandcamp page.  

Roddy has previously worked with Hifiklub in 2017 providing vocals and keys for the single Looking For Emily

We have no real idea exactly what the 'exciting project' involves, the only hints are via a series photos shared on Hifiklub's social media pages. We will keep you posted. 


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