FAITH NO MORE on tour with GUN 'N' ROSES. Prague May 20th 1992

In the summer of 1992 Faith No More joined Guns 'N' Roses for a stadium media circus tour of Europe and America. They began in Europe, first show in Ireland and the second at Strahov Stadium Prague.

"You just don't know until you go there. We just played what used to be the Eastern Bloc. We played Hungary and Czechoslovakia - Prague is one of the most beautiful places in the world. These people were coming from places that were out there, way out in the middle of fucking nowhere, and they were driving this far and they knew about us and wanted to come to the show."

"It made me realise that there is no money to be made by being in a band and touring out there, but two-thirds of the world's population lives in these place. I think it's really total bullshit, that when we do these interviews we're just doing it to get people to spend money on the record, so we can charge the highest ticket price and charge the highest T-shirt price. All the people who have the money imagine anywhere else that's not like where they live as being full of fucking primitives who live in caves or spend all their times in death squads, shooting people. Of course it's not like that!" - Bill Gould 1992

There was a fair amount of FNM media attention surrounding this show, however unfortunatley it seems that hereafter as FNM lost interest in the rock n' roll circus that surrounded them, MTV lost interest in FNM during this tour. 


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