RODDY BOTTUM will perform at The EiO Family Reunion Benefit Concert April 8th

This Sunday, April 8th, Roddy Bottum will be performing with Nastie Band at The Experiments In Opera Family Reunion Benefit Concert.
Roddy is on the board at EiO and they previously produced a preview performance of his operas, Sasquatch, and The Ride.
Sasquatch featured in EiO's Story Binge in 2015 and The Ride featured in EiO's Story Binge II  in 2017 [INTERVIEW].

Story Binge - 'SASQUATCH: The Opera' by Roddy Bottum from Experiments in Opera on Vimeo.

On Sunday Roddy will help EiO celebrate as part of their benefit concert, 7 bands over 7 hours at at the Bell House in Brooklyn. He will be performing with his recently regular collaborators Nastie Band.

"Over the past seven years, we have worked with over 300 artists, some of whom make music well outside the operasphere.  This year, we decided to celebrate some of this extra-opera work with a concert bringing together the wide range of music and performers from our extended family."



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