Listen to STAREBABY the Dan Weiss Quintet featuring TREVOR DUNN

Jazz / Metal drummer Dan Weiss, who has played with John Zorn and many more, has a new album, Starebaby, that will be out April 6 via Pi Recordings. 

Pre-order HERE.

The record features Craig Taborn and Matt Mitchell (keyboards, piano, and electronics), Ben Monder (guitar), and of course Trevor Dunn (bass). 

Weiss cites metal bands like Meshuggah, Burning Witch, High on Fire, Gorguts, early Metallica, Wormed, and Confessor as influences on the album, while themes on the record are inspired by the third season of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks , the track  Badalamentiwhich pays tribute to the show’s composer. 

"Badalamenti was directly inspired from Twin Peaks Season Three. Lynch’s work deals with juxtaposed environments that often intermingle in intriguing ways. I used this concept in this song. There is a lyrical melody throughout, but there also lies an underbelly of uneasiness and brutality." - Dan

Dan and his group will celebrate the release of Starebaby with a show at NYC’s Nublu 151 on April 1st.

Tickets HERE.


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