TOMAHAWK first show of the Oddfellows tour 5 years ago in Seattle

On February 12th 2013 Tomahawk returned to the live stage for their first show of the Oddfellows tour at the Seattle Showbox.

The Oddfellows tour was Mike Patton, Duane Denison and John Stanier's first full album promotional tour since 2003 and their release of their second album Mit Gas. It was the first tour to feature Trevor Dunn who replaced Kevin Rutmanis in 2012.

Tomahawk were supported by Retox who feature Justin Pearson and Michael Crain now in Dead Cross with Patton.

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The group played a rapturous set that spanned their work. Nearly equal attention was paid to all albums, Tomahawk, Mit Gas and Oddfellows – with Anonymous the only album with a single song, “Totem.” They closed the show for an encore with Totem, followed by Bad Brains covers. Singer Mike Patton was a timeless front man who talked with the audience frequently. I liked the banter. The other band members played so well; were so cool as well. I think I heard Patton mention that the evening’s “I.O.U.” was their first live performance of the song. It was brilliant. Other greats were “101 North,” “Laredo,” “Stone Letter,” “Odd Fellows,” “White Hats/Black Hats,” “Rotgut” and “Rape This Day.”

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People began funneling out of the venue. Then, after a decent portion of the crowd was already out the door, the band returned to pick up their instruments again.  By this point, Patton had completely removed his white short-sleeved button-up, exposing what appeared to be a luchador T-shirt underneath.  He said something to the effect of, “I figure we’ll send you home in style.  Fuck it.”  That’s when the place turned into closing time at a honky tonk bar, as the group went into a remarkably faithful rendition of the sombre drinking tune “Just one More” by country music legend George Jones.  The show was over, but this last gem was a final reminder of how versatile each and every member of Tomahawk really is.  Even knowing how capable Patton is as a vocalist, it was still a bit shocking to hear him deliver such a spot on performance in such an impressive Country Western singing voice, after a show that was… so, very much not that at all. 



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