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2017 was the third full year of Faith No More Followers and regardless of the lack of activity from the band we have gone from strength to strength and are proud to say we have grown into the largest FNM community page in the world. 

Last year FNM requested we give them a break from talking about the band as they worked on their individual projects or enjoyed some time off. However we did manage to conduct a few interviews.

Maor Appelbaum We Care A Lot Remastered

INTRODUCE YOURSELF 30th Anniversary | EXCLUSIVE Matt Wallace Interview

INTRODUCE YOURSELF 30th Anniversary | EXCLUSIVE Chuck Mosley Interview 

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Roddy Bottum Talks With Us About Sasquatch The Opera and Imperial Teen.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Max Cavalera Talks to us about 'Angel Dust'

DEAD CROSS | Eric Livingston On 'Seizure and Desist' Video

MR. BUNGLE | Trevor Dunn talks about the making of 'California'.

MIKE PATTON | Director Zak Hilditch describes '1922' score as ' luscious orchestral with a touch of horror'

JOHN KAADA | Bacteria Cult Interview

PRIMITIVE RACE | We Spoke to Chris Kniker and Mark Gemini Thwaite about 'Soul Pretender'.

DAN WEISS and Trevor Dunn talk to us about their new album.

Of course the success of our page is down to many individuals.....

Thanks to Bill Gould for his continued support for ourselves and all of the FNM community websites. 
Thanks to Tim Moss, Greg Werckman, Justin Pearson and Shawn at Ipecac for your patience and help. 
Thanks to Trevor Dunn and Trey Spruance for being part of the team!
Thanks to Andrew at Faith No More Gig Database, Adrian at Faith No More 2.0 and Alton at Mike Patton Fanatic for your amazing pages and inspiration.
Thanks to Roddy Bottum for your kindness. 
Thanks to Jared Blum for your help.
Thanks to Doug Esper for your courage. 


Chuck Mosley, Matt Wallace, Duane Denison, Dave Lombardo, John Kaada,  Steffan Chirazi, Espen J. Jörgensen, Maor Appelbaum, Chris Buckley, Rodrigo Roros, Andy Couch, Adriano Mazzeo, Dean Nutt, Mike Wellman, Matt Thompson, Stefan Negele, Becky DiGiglio, Michael Crain, Chris Kniker, Max & Gloria Cavalera, Eric Livingston, Dan Weiss, King Chivas.

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And all those we've forgotten!

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to our website in 2017. Thanks to those who regularly like, share and comment on our articles, videos and artwork.

Here are a selection of our favourite articles this past year.

ANGEL DUST 25 | The Most Influential Album of All Time

Album Of The Year 20 | Making The Album

What The World Needs Now? A MR. BUNGLE Reunion

How Chris Cornell Influenced Mike Patton.

The Rock n' Roll Circus Of 1992 | Faith No More, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Soundgarden

PATTONFEST | The greatest Festival on Earth. 

Our promise to you is to continue researching, interviewing and sharing. Let's hope 2018 yields more FNM than the last 12 months. 


  1. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in this site. So many of us fans benefit a lot from your hard work and the great articles you wrote during the last year. In 2018 I´d like to read some about a new FNM album and tour. Let´s all hope for the best. Love to all FNM followers!


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