MIKE PATTON | Tetema 'Geocidal', The collaboration album with Anthony Pateras, released 3 years ago!

Mike Patton's collaboration album with Australian composer Anthony Pateras was released three years ago via Ipecac.
"This is much more Anthony's baby than mine. All I was trying to do was to fit into the fabric; not dominate, not change the arrangements or the structures too much, and just be a little bit of wallpaper." - Mike Patton

The exciting and unpredictable album Geocidal was described as 'audio caffeine injected direct into your eyeballs' by Ipecac. 

The record received great reviews, Louder Than War advised 'Geocidal is an erratic, unpredictable monster of an album and should be hunted down, if approached with caution.' Janky Smooth told us, 'If you are looking for originality and something you’ve never heard before then make sure you scramble to acquire this gem.'

We spoke with Pateras about the two bringing this music to the stage in 2016. Read the interview HERE.


Faith No More Mike singer Mike Patton’s latest side project is a collaboration with Australian composer Anthony Pateras, who scored psychological thriller Errors Of The Human Body in 2012. Recorded in sessions at a French convent and a San Francisco studio and featuring analogue electronics alongside strings, brass and woodwind, ‘Geocidal’ is monolithic. ‘Pure War’ is like UK drum’n’bass kingpin Roni Size getting spiked with GHB and fed through a woodchipper, while ‘Tenz’ surges and crashes like a malfunctioning machine, Patton’s chants, screams and whispers dragging it to its conclusion. ‘3-2-1 Civilisation’ is most impressive, a cacophony that would make an appropriate soundtrack to the end of the world.

Janky Smooth

Tetema-The new project from Mike Patton and Anthony Pateras is nothing short of an abstract, conceptual masterpiece. There are no hooks here. This will receive no radio play- except, possibly from the least commercial, college radio stations. This album, “Geocidal”, came directly from the loins of Patton and Pateras with the only desire being to create the most pleasing and haunting sonic landscapes. Patton proves that his virility to plant his musical seed in the least inseminated musical wombs is still alive and well and has been reborn into a child named, Tetema. If I had to reference a Mike Patton influence to paint a picture then I would summon the non-sensical and tangential interludes found in between, inside and around the g spot of Mr Bungle songs. An expansion of a non idea, pulled from a nebulous thought and turned into something substantial .

Louder Than War

Geocidal is an erratic, unpredictable monster of an album and should be hunted down, if approached with caution. It takes steps to further solidify Ipecac Recordings’ reputation as one of the most continually surprising and evocative labels around.


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