BILL GOULD | Full Poptech Video on the upcoming film 'RocKabul'

We can finally share the full presentation of Rockabul from this years Poptech Conference Instigate 2017.

On the 18th of November, Poptech Conference hosted Qais, Travis Beard and Bill Gould, who presented excerpts from the documentary and discussed the past present and future of the Afghan youth counter culture movement.

“We didn’t have freedom, we didn’t have a voice.” In Kabul, Afghanistan, the energy and power of heavy metal music provide an outlet for release and a means of self-determination for youth surrounded by bombs and bullets.

Read more about this upcoming film produced by Bill HERE


  1. The excerpts are simply immaculate, and give the feeling that the film would be likewise. Now, I am really looking forward to watching RocKabul. Great job!


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