TOMAHAWK | 'Stone Letter' released Five Years Ago!

On November 23rd 2012 Tomahawk released Stone Letter, the first single from their fourth album Oddfellows.

Duane Denison | 2012

"'Stone Letter' was easily the most accessible, inoffensive sing-along-type song.... It seemed the most like other rock that is on the radio."

"If we suddenly have a deluge of teenage girls [at our concerts] wanting to hear 'Stone Letter,' I'd love it. If we could get Mike to do a duet with Taylor Swift or Gwen Stefani, someone like that? That would be awesome.”

Directed by Vince Forcier

Vince 2015 

"I got wasted with Patton and he is very handy with a knife, I had 9 hours of sleep out of 90. The tacos in Texas are amazing. Also the band couldn't have been nicer, true gentleman including their manager Tim Moss."


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