FAITH NO MORE | Cone Of Shame was released One Year ago!

On November 25th 2016 Faith No More released Cone Of Shame as their most recent single.
The song was released as the third single on 7" vinyl from Sol Invictus. It was available in four different colours (clear,gold,red and green) with the Calcitonin Mix of Motherfucker remixed by JG Thirwell as a b-side. Single cover desgined by Bill Gould

The video clip is written and Directed by Macedonian Goce Cvetanovski who has worked with Bill Gould previously and produced by Lynx Animation Studios with Faith No More.
“This is one of those tracks that had to be a video, really, because it lends itself so much to visual imagery. Given the song’s sense of Americana, it would have been easy to shoot this in Arizona or New Mexico, but having been to Macedonia several times, there’s a vibe there that I felt wouldn’t be out of place as a backdrop to this song. Goce Cvetanovski, as a director, understood this immediately; he knew exactly what to do with it, and along with an amazing cast, has managed to create something very dark, and beautifully cinematic.” - Bill Gould 

We spoke to the director to get a better idea of his inspiration for the video. 
"My first impressions were more horror-like. Lyrics like “I like to peel your skin off, strip the bones off,” etc, gave me images of some cannibalistic druid kind of ceremony. But after talking with Bill, he explained me that the song is more about a love gone wrong, wrong decisions and jealousy. We also discussed the spaghetti western ambient of the music, if you listen carefully you’ll find a bit of Ennio Moriccone influence in the guitar. The story developed from there and I was listening the track in loop for days, while working on the script."
Read the full interview HERE.

Faith No More teamed up with Sonarworks in a true-fi audio project with this song. 

Our ambition is simple – bring the truth back to music, be it monitoring or headbanging. For the last three years we’ve been making sure that every audio professional hears exactly what’s happening on the track. Now it’s time to help the listeners!

As you might have heard, after an 18 year hiatus the band Faith No More released its latest album Sol Invictus. It was a truly great moment for the band and FNM fans. It also marked an important milestone for Sonarworks – Sol Invictus was the first major album produced in a Sonarworks calibrated studio!

For the last few months we’ve been working closely with FNM to do a special release of their single Cone of Shame. What’s special? Think of it as a special remaster just for your headphones. You will be able to listen to FNM’s Cone of Shame exactly as the band created it.
" Hey Guys, Bill here… I wanted to send a message out to you all, and maybe fill you with a little background about this Sonarworks experiment. I’ve been familiar with these guys for a couple of years, and it was around the time we were ready to mix “Sol Invictus” when Matt and I were given a demonstration of their mixing software. In a nutshell, the idea behind their software was to compensate for imperfections in mixing rooms in order to provide a more accurate listening environment. We liked what we heard, and we were one of the first bands to use this software for a major release. It was relatively new to the scene at the time, but since then it has become quite popular in the recording world.A few months ago, the Sonarworks folks contacted me again; they wanted to take this software out of the recording studio and bring it into the world of home audio. This time, they would attempt to address imperfections in a wide variety of headphones…and to take it a step further, rather than requiring someone to download and install their software, they would be able to run the test through a web browser.I like the guys, they’re a small company from Latvia but with very big ideas, so we decided to give it a spin with “Cone of Shame”. As a band we try to take chances and explore new concepts all the time, and realized in this FNM tradition, that it might be cool to include some of our fans in on the experiment—as far as I know, no one has done anything like this before. So in this spirit, check it out, and let the guys know what you think. Tastes can be subjective, there are no right or wrong answers, but your feedback can go a long way toward improving the quality of our listening experience. "  - Bill Gould


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