CHUCK MOSLEY | Back On Tour and Primitive Race release date.

Chuck Mosley is very busy at present, not only is he back out on tour but his newest recording with Primitive Race will be out soon.
Soul Pretender is the band's second album and features Chris Kniker, Chuck, Dale Crover, Mark Thwaite and Erie Loch. It is due for release through Metropolis Records on November 3rd. You can pre-order the album HERE.

Chuck is continuing his Reintroduce Yourself Tour, after a brief break from the summer run. Chuck will be joined by Alex Bergeron Jr. (Agents of Oblivion/Deadboy/The Elephantmen) on bass, Dallas Sheppard (Nineball) on guitar, and Douglas Esper on percussion.
"I'm so excited, and I hope everyone else is excited too. We've had so much fun traversing the country this summer; the additions of a second guitar and bass have enabled me to bring the music up to the level that I have been hearing in my head, and expand the possibilities tenfold. We've made a lot of great, warm, and loving new friends--truly beautiful people--whom i cant wait to see again. We also can't wait to be reunited with an equal amount of older friends, you all know who you are, see you all real soon! We also can't wait to get back out tomorrow, but it always seems to go by so fast!!!! I finally want to send a very very special thanks to Michelle and Doug Esper (who a lot of you know as Mr. Harry Bickerson) without whom none of this would have been possible. To Doug and Michelle, and of course Mara and Owen, and both of their families, thank you for your faith, your patience, and your absolute trust in me. I love you all." - Chuck Mosley

Remaining Dates

10/03 Dusk - Providence, RI 
10/04 Jitz’s Tavern - Auburn, NY 
10/05 Mohawk Place - Buffalo, NY 
10/06 The Phantasy - Cleveland, OH 
10/07 The Rockery - Detroit, MI 
10/08 The Frequency - Madison, WI 
10/09 Ellefson Coffee Co - Jackson, MN 
10/10 Big’s Bar - Sioux Falls, SD 
10/12 Prohibition Hall - Kansas City, MO 
10/14 The Cure Lounge - Louisville, KY


  1. I’ve honestly never heard of this artist or his songs ever before. But I’m always up for new music, and will surely give this a try.

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