MIKE BORDIN | 10 Best Drum Beats ...Chosen by you.

Mike Bordin is a founding member of Faith No More and possibly the tightest and most ferocious drummer in music history. His unique playing style is essential to the distinctive FNM sound.

"All my heroes were guitar players like Jimi Hendrix, Tony lommi, Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore, all of them. We loved all of them and their music, so I went for the drums as a pure knee-jerk response. There was no drummer in my family, or anything like that. At first I played on a pad, just learning how to hold the sticks, like anybody should. I had a teacher, who was a jazz dude, a student of this really well-known guy called Chuck Brown, a local Bay Area teacher who had taught Terry Bozzio among others." - Mike 2012

Mike's training was in many ways different to most rock drummers.

"We all came with what we had in the room, and then we found all this other music in the room that we all started together with. For instance, I studied African percussion in school with a Ghanaian teacher who couldn't play a drum kit to save his life, but he could play 30 different instruments with his hands, feet and elbows and sing different rhythms at the same time. I would come back from these drum classes saying, 'These African dudes are amazing, they told me that all drum rhythms are centred down because they go towards the earth!' The rest of the band got into this and we started speaking the same language. It all fit together somehow." - Mike 2012

Mike plays Yamaha drums with Zildjian cymbols and Vic Firth sticks

Here is a list of his best drum bests as voted for by you....

Separation Anxiety

Midlife Crisis

Digging The Grave

Chinese Arithmetic



Cuckoo For Caca

The Real Thing

Everything's Ruined

Ugly In the Morning


  1. This rhythm section is godsend. I haven´t found a better one yet and I guess I never will.

  2. For example, I contemplated African percussion in school with a Ghanaian educator who couldn't play a drum pack to spare his life, yet he could play 30 unique instruments with his hands, feet and elbows and sing diverse rhythms in the meantime. https://percussiondream.com


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