FAITH NO MORE | A History Of FNM in Comics

With the release of the new Faith No More comic book series The Scrolls Of Faith No More, we thought it was a great time to look back on the history of FNM within the pages of comics.

The first time FNM appeared in comic art form was in 1991, in a six page book written by Jay Allen Sandford and illustrated by Larry Nadolski. This book is much more a parody with a mostly fabricated story and typical uninspired artwork, however it is encouraging that this homage to the band was created. 

FNM would then appear in several Kerrang! magazines as part of the Pandora series.

December 1992

May 1998
However it wasn't until 2015 that a definitive tribute to FNM was released in the pages of a comic book. The Faith No More and Mr. Bungle Comic Book was written by Mike Wellman and illustrated by Matt Jacobs (animator of Tomahawk's Oddfellows video) and released via Acme Comics Ink.

Mike's story for the FNM half is witty, intelligent and direct. It will be familiar to almost every oldskool fan, detailing a snotty kid's discovery of the mind blowing band in the early 90's. We follow his journey and the history of FNM including some of their most notorious incidents, highlights and low points. The story ends with a great reference to 'Matador' and the beginning of a new era. 

Matt's artwork is stunning, intricate and diverse. He flirts with various techniques from traditional comic book art to abstract panels. The detail in the images is astounding from the central focus all the way through to the minor characters and scenes in the background. Parts remind me of 2000 AD comics, others of Brian Bolland's The Killing Joke. Seeing scenes like Axl's berating of FNM and Patton pooping in a hand dryer visualised is fantastic. However it's the panels that deal with FNM's split in 1997 that are truly wondrous to be able to be a part of, pretty emotional stuff! There is more than one glorious full page drawing that any fan would kill to have in a frame. 

Read our full review HERE.

This brings us to the present and The Scrolls Of FAITH NO MORE : An Epic Journey Through FNM's History written by Hungarian writer Ákos Dudich and illustrated by Gergely Oravecz also from Hungary. Read our interview with the author HERE


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