BILL GOULD | To Talk About His Newest Project 'Rockabul' at PopTech.

While Faith No More continues with their extended break its members are exploring different artistic avenues.
Mike Patton has been touring with Dead Cross and Roddy Bottum staged his Opera in Edinburgh.... 

Bill Gould however has been applying his production skills to film. RocKabul is an independent film directed by Travis Beard, with Bill serving as executive producer. The upcoming documentary examines the counter insurgency/culture campaign in Afghanistan.
Since 2002 the international community has injected more than a trillion dollars into Afghanistan. This film examines the counter insurgency/ culture campaign that the US government [and others] funded. Told through the eyes of Afghan youth, who start the country’s first ever heavy metal band and an adventurous Australian, who created a Western style music scene in the capital, Kabul. Will head banging, disenchanted young Afghans win over hearts and minds with their infectious energy or will the Taliban emerge from the shadows to quell their musical uprising?
This film chronicles a part of Afghan life that is rarely shown in Western media. The film digs much deeper than the news headlines and into the complex terrain of daily life and generational change. The film highlights a moment that speaks to the upheavals still rippling through the nation and a youth committed to an openness of cultural change.
Our protagonists are a bunch of long haired, black T-shirt wearing Afghans, full of optimism and teenage hubris. We meet Qasem, Pedram, Qais and Lemar and quickly discover they have the same goofy musical ambitions as any high school band in the West.
The film features never before seen footage of Kabul and the underground party scene, at odds with an extremely conservative society that chooses to turn a blind eye, so they can benefit from the flow of aid money propping up their economy.
Afghanistan is known as the graveyard of empires. This film offers an honest insight into the reality of foreign policy, in a nation that has hosted and buried most of history’s conquerors. It shows how hope and optimism offered a genuine escape for some Afghans, at the peak of foreign intervention, but also reveals their frustrations, because in a country like Afghanistan, nothing is guaranteed.

Bill will be talking about this project live at PopTech Instigate 2017. The event takes place from October 19th to the 21st in Camden, Maine. 


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