CHUCK MOSLEY To Work with Matt Wallace for the first time in 31 Years.

2017 is shaping up to be another busy year for Chuck Mosley.
He and his current lineup ( Cris Morgan on guitar, Joshua Nelson on bass, and Doug Esper on percussion) are touring the States until October, with more dates being added. 

The Primitive Race album Soul Pretenders is due out in November 2017 via Metropolis Records which features: Chuck, producer Chris Kniker, Dale Crover of the Melvins and Fantomas, Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission, Tricky), Erie Loch (Wiccid, Blownload).

Also this year, EMP will reissue Cement’s 1994 album The Man With The Action Hair,  remastered by Bill Metoyer and featuring new artwork by Pip Logan.

Chuck is also in the upcoming film Like an Open Heart It Shines, a docudrama bookending a live performance and directed by David Collupy.
'Like an Open Heart It Shines' features singer/songwriter, Chuck Mosley (former lead vocalist of Faith No More), playing a fictional version of himself. His past seems to be catching up with his present, but what does his future hold?
The film is to be funded from Indegogo and you can donate HERE. 

However the most exciting news for die hard Faith No More fans is that Chuck will be stopping in to record a session with the legendary Matt Wallace on his travels. The two haven't been in the studio for over 30 years, their last recording was Introduce Yourself in 1986.

Faith No More and Matt Wallace mixing We Care A Lot 1985.

We spoke to Matt who confessed, "I am absolutely chuffed, thrilled, to be working with Chuck once again." Matt has always remembered him time working with Chuck fondly and added, "I'm a fan of his lyrics and melodies and, damn, after 30 years, it's time that we make some dang studio magic together!"

Chuck, who is currently on the road, sent us a message expressing his excitement, "I'm totally fucking stoked! Can't wait. Matt made me a singer. He's the greatest person I'd ever trust with my life and breath in the studio. The end result will be total amazing-ness. Maybe I'm building it up too much or over thinking it. Let's just hope it's okay, heh heh"

Doug Esper, Chuck's road manager and percussionist, assures us he will try his best to leave the studio with a copy of Faith No More's elusive Seagull Song..... good luck Doug.



10 Huntsville, AL – Maggie Meyer’s Irish Pub
11 New Orleans, LA - Portside Lounge
12 Beaumont, TX - The Gig
13 Houston, TX* -  Vollie Ray’s
17 West Hollywood, CA - The Viper Room
18 Oakland, CA - Eli’s Mile High
19 Reno, NV - Alturas
20 Madras, OR -  Solar Celebration
21 Madras, OR -  Solar Celebration
23 Portland, OR *- Rock Hard Pdx
24 Vancouver, WA *- Shannahan’s
25 Boise, ID *- Vista Bar
26 Salt Lake City, UT - The Hideout Pub N Grub
27 Denver, CO - Herman’s Hideaway
29 Wichita, KS - Barleycorn’s
30 Oklahoma City, OK - 89th Street Collective
31 Dallas, TX - The Prophet Bar


01 Memphis, TN (w/HEELS) - Hi-Tone
02 Atlanta, GA -  Star Bar
03 Charleston, SC - The Sparrow
05 Asheville, NC *- Altamont Theatre
06 Wilmington, NC - Calico Room
08 Chattanooga, TN - Jj’s Bohemia
10 Nashville, TN - Springwater Supper Club
29 Clifton, NJ - Dingbatz
30 Setauket, NY - Country Corner


01  Worcester, MA - Ralph’s Diner
02 Lewiston, ME - Little Joe’s Bar And Grill
04 Syracuse, NY - TBA
05 Buffalo, NY - The Mohawk
06 Cleveland, OH * - Phantasy
07 Kalamazoo, MI - Papa Pete’s
10 Sioux Falls, SD - Big’s Bar
12 Kansas City, MO - Prohibition Hall


03 Cleveland, OH - The Agora (with Dog Fashion Disco)



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