FAITH NO MORE RARITIES | #7 The World Is Yours

Recorded during the Angel Dust sessions at coast Recorders in San Francisco. The working title was Sample song due to the 'gratuitous use of samples', as the record company described it, and therefore was excluded from the album.

The song title features in the script of the film Scarface spoken by Al Pacino's character Tony Montana, and on an statue in his house. Bill Gould has listed Scarface as a favourite movie.
"The world is yours, chico, and everything in it. So say goodnight to the bad guy."
The song was first released in 1998 on the Who Cares A Lot greatest hits Cd. It has also appeared on The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection from 2009 and
Midlife Crisis : The Very Best Of FNM released in 2010. It most recently was included on the 2015 deluxe edition of Angel Dust.


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