BILL GOULD Returns To Chile | Como Asesinar a Felipes Más Amigos

Koolarrow Records' Chilean hip hop / jazz outfit Como Asesinar a Felipes are celebrating their tenth year as a band.
To mark the occasion they will be performing a special show at Teatro Cariola in Santiago on July 7th. The show will include some special guests including Bill Gould. Also Raimundo Santander (Ana Tijoux, The Wind Orchestra), Carlos Cabezas (Electrodomésticos), Pablo Ilabaca (Chancho en Piedra), Camilo Salinas (Inti Illimani Histórico), Nano Stern, Epicenter (Crambre), Gabo Paillao (Ana Tijoux, Spokesperson) and Jorge Campos (Congress, Fulano).
The set will include unique interpretations of their classic repertoire.


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