When Faith No More Reuinted With Chuck Mosley in 2010

Faith No More
On April 14th 2010 Faith No More played the third of three hometown shows at the Warfield.

Its was the first time they had played not only San Francisco, but in the U.S in thirteen years. And for three nights at the Warfield they wowed crowds who had been anticpating these moments for over a decade. Their set lists were pleasing for fans of all eras and their performances were earth-shattering. 

Faith No More

On the second night the band showed a tender side they rarely display and wished Jon Hudson a happy birthday, Mike Bordin presenting him with a cake, which he promptly dropped then threw in Jon's face!  

However for hardcore FNM fans the third night (April 14th) was the real treat. Chuck Mosley joined the band for the first encore to perform four songs. This was the first time Chuck had fronted FNM since 1988.

'Just as the band kicked into the first chords of “As The Worm Turns,” Patton abruptly departed the stage, and was replaced by a taller, slightly-heavyset man with a dreaded mohawk and a furry red coat. Shock and awe turned into screams of insane admiration: this was Chuck Mosley, original singer for Faith No More, rejoining the rest of the band for the first time in nearly 22 years. Without a moment’s hesitation, he picked up where Patton left off, tearing into the encore with performances from the band’s first two albums, including the rarities “Mark Bowen” and “Death March.” The crowd seemed to be utterly transfixed by Mosley’s appearance.' - Spinning Platters

This night saw one other unprecidented event when Chuck joined Mike Patton for the last song of the night, the first time the two had ever shared the stage. Both singers performed Introduce Yourself.
Chuck spoke freely about this performance in 2012. 

"It was totally awesome, a lot of fun. We've, all of us have grown, and gotten way over that petty bullshit that tore us apart. This is why playing at the Warfield was so much fun, cause we all grew out of, and beyond the stupid shit that we used to fight over, and all that was left was the mutual love of the music and the enjoyment and fullfilment of being in a band with those guys once again. At least that's what I took away from it, and I dare to think that they could probably share some of that sentiment with me, as well. 
But during sound check, Billy, or someone would say, that was kool, lets do Death March, whoa that was fun, now lets do,,,,,um, Worm, and so on and so forth. So, instead of playing the two songs for the show, we ended up playin like, five or six. I don't remember, but definitely more than we had planned, and I found myself having to remember, re-learn that many more lyrics. 
But I could totally tell, watchin the video, I was totally nervous....but overall, I had a fuckin blast, same goes for IY. It was really fun singin with patton, but worried bout fuckin up. I thought Mike was really kool with me that night, and I really loved seein Billy and everyone else, Roddy and me have maintained a tight relationship this whole time, he's the godfather to my older daughter, Erica, but it was great seein' everyone else. 
Except I did totally miss Jim not being there."

Chuck again joined FNM in 2015. Of course these collaborations led to full return to the stage for Chuck who toured extensively last year, also fronting FNM once again this time with for a full set in celebration of the re-issue of We care A Lot

Full show review of the 2010 Warfield show HERE.

Fantastic photos from the show by Heather Leah Kennedy.

Faith No More


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