KAADA / PATTON | Bacteria Cult | One Year

Mike Patton and John Kaada's second collaboration album Bacteria Cult was released on April 1st 2016.


Mike Patton and Kaada regroup for more multi-instrumentally unnerving baroque brashness

The point of Kaada's and Patton's compositions is to manipulate the nerves and steadiness of the listener and play all six octaves of their emotional spectrum like a distended xylophone. Praise Ipepac Recordings for allowing these two visionaries to continue to challenge the purpose and the manner of music.

Kaada/Patton ‘Bacteria Cult’ Review: Composer/vocalist duo reunite for first studio album in 12 years.

Bacteria Cult is a must-purchase for Patton diehards, film score aficionados and seekers of the avant-garde. Kaada states that their music “dwells in The Twilight Zone where spooky and seductive meet,” making Bacteria Cult a gloriously disorienting thrill ride.

An album for open-minded music lovers, ‘Bacteria cult’ is a sensory delight and, played at suitable volume, is capable of thundering to the very heavens.

Bacteria Cult is the sum total of two artists that have grown into their own and are completely at ease with what they each can bring to the table. Both are now coming into the collaboration with much more soundtrack experience and it shows in the cinematic scope of the album.

The songs play out like pieces of an unaccompanied score, perfectly juxtaposing texture and sound with a loose sense of melodic momentum.  While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the release is good…damn good actually, especially when measured against the duo’s previous work.

These aren't pop songs or sing-along ditties that will get played on the radio or on a streaming service. But if you want to enjoy real music, with real instruments, and a real singer, "Cult Bacteria" should be bought. Both the CD and the LP can be purchased on the Ipecac Recordings website. 


Imodium directed by Alexandru Ponoran.

Red Rainbow Based on the short film The Absence Of Eddy Table, directed by Rune Spaans, the video is steeped in mystery and a sense of adventure, capturing a curious place where dreams and nightmares collide. 

A number of collaborators were involved in the making of the original short film, including writer and designer Dave Cooper and producer Eric Vogel of Tordenfilm. Kaada provided score music in several stages, inspired by the progress of the visuals. A lot of the music heard in the completed film can be traced back to Kaada’s initial ideas, which were refined and expanded upon in parallel with the film itself. Patton is Eddy Table and Norwegian actress Ingrid Bolsø Berdal is Snip. In addition to voicing the lead roles, Patton and Berdal each also contributed voices for a myriad of other (and otherworldly) characters for the film. 


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