Dave Lombardo Confirms Dead Cross Tour This Year!

In a recent interview with Loudwire, Dave Lombardo has confirmed that Dead Cross will tour, possibly this year!

In a great interview Lombardo spoke about his current projects, when asked if Dead Cross would tour he replied. 
"Yes. I am very excited. I didn’t know that that was going to happen. We didn’t know if we were going to do any touring or if it was just an album that we put out but no, Mike is into it. He’s really excited."
When asked about the new album's release date he continued.
"We’ll have a date very soon. It’s gonna be maybe some time between July and September and then possibly some shows with Dead Cross late, very late summer into fall. That’s pretty much it and some sporadic tours here and there. Sparse, different areas for the rest of the year. We’re gonna be working loose, Dead Cross will be working close with Suicidal in working out schedules so there won’t be any conflicts."
He also spoke about working with Mike Patton and John Zorn.
"That’s one of the things I really admire in a lot of musicians. For example, like Zorn and Patton that — actually I think, I can consider them some of my biggest inspirations in being who I am, is those guys because they taught me that there [are] no limitations. When I first met Patton and Zorn, they taught me that, “Hey, there’s no boundaries here.” It’s like, “Wow.” I’ve always felt that but I never had an outlet and they gave me that outlet.”

Full interview HERE.


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