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Check it out... Sonarworks is showing off a revolutionary new audio format. Sign up for an exclusive limited opportunity to hear FAITH NO MORE's single “Cone of Shame” on your headphones exactly as if you were in the studio with the band. Coming Feb 7th.
"It's a guarantee that you will hear your music the way it was supposed to be. Every set of headphones colors the sound in its own unique way, thus you never hear the true intent of the artist. Now for the first time, True-Fi ensures that no matter what headphones you have, you can hear the exact authentic sound that the Artist intended in the studio. Faith No More and Matt Wallace used the same technology in the studio to make sure Sol Invictus sounds great - now you can experience the same precision for yourself." 

  • The Session | Dissecting EPIC
The Session on 99.5klosChristian and Mike S. breakdown the greatest songs ever recorded, track by track. Thanks Patton Fanatic for uploading this fantastic hour long show.

  • Anthony Pateras Talks tētēma
One half of the Mike Patton duo who are preparing for their performance at Mona Foma on January 21st, Anthony spoke to The Mercury
“They were the only festival crazy enough to book us.....The de-realisation of our everyday lives via technology is something I became very focused on while making this music. And I guess I was striving with Mike to find a way to articulate that sonically – to create a space where some kind of commentary on that could exist, without being didactic or preachy.”
“Music software is mostly about making money, not about providing useful creative tools for composers. It’s been developed to create an industry around the idea of creativity rather than creativity itself. I think musicians for the most part are becoming lazier – the software does the tuning, the feel is programmed, the rhythmic nuance is quantised ... Don’t get me wrong, there are good things happening. I just bought three great albums today, all made in 2016, but I’m a pedagogue too, and I sense attitudes are changing among the younger generation because so much of being alive for them is about being ‘Liked’. Great music isn’t about being liked. It’s about doing your thing with as much discipline, intensity and skill as you can muster. If someone understands it or gets something out of it, great, lucky you. But that shouldn’t be the focus.”  
Read the full article HERE.

  • Classic Rock 100 Greatest Albums Of The 80s
The latest issue of Classic Rock Magazine features a chart of the 100 greatest albums of the 80s and Faith No More's Introduce Yourself is placed at number 27. 
"Rap, heavy metal, post-punk, new wave and funk. Somehow, someway, Faith No More made sense of these five tricky musical ingredients on their second album."  
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  • Kerrang Issue 1654

This month's issue of Kerrang features an editorial on Black Sabbath as their career comes to an end. The article contains many testimonials from other bands including Faith No More.
Mike Bordin 
"When I was a kid growing up in the East Bay, in my school who you listened to went a long way in defining who you hung out with, what you did while hanging out, and even where you did the hanging out. Music was everything in our small world. When I first heard Sabbath's Master Of Reality, I was an 11-year-old kid lacking any direction. The honesty, individuality and power made me feel like they were speaking directly to me. They were my band. They were fellow outsiders. The masters of riffs, weight, and power. No-one did it any better. Ever."

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